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Heritage Pools of Brisbane

cantilevered restaurant hovers above the centenary swimming pool

I know this seems like an unusual topic for a blog post but when you live in a sub-tropical city, pools and swimming are part of your life. You learn to swim before you start school, and spend endless summers splashing around at the beach and in your friend’s backyard pool. Brisbane has a number… Read more

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Cheese & Pepita Beer Bread

baking tin containing crusty beer bread with cheese & pepita topping

I’m more of a cider girl but Mr Tiffin doesn’t mind a beer on a hot summer afternoon. Our friend Andrew brews beer so we always have plenty on hand, Sometimes, there’s a little too much so it got me thinking about ways to use some up. Beer Bread was the answer. The Quick &… Read more

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In My Kitchen… October 2019

a pile of freshly cut silverbeet or swiss chard leaves with red stalks

What’s In My Kitchen this month very much reflects what’s been going on outside my kitchen over the past month. Back only a few days from Bali, we were straight off to a family wedding in the Hunter Valley. In between, we swept mountains of dust out of our home, as the house next door… Read more

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Ball's Bay - Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island bobs about in the South Pacific, kissed by tropical trade winds and an air of mutiny. There are a couple of return flights a week from Australia and New Zealand and other than that, it pretty much keeps to itself. Despite this, NI is a community in transition. The Island moved from self… Read more

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Cranberry & Coconut Biscuits

cranberry & coconut biscuits in a green dish beside an orange cup and saucer filled with coffee

I recently bought a 2nd hand copy of the Women’s Weekly Cakes, Slices & Biscuits cookbook. I need another cookbook like a hole in the head however, it was for a pop up op shop fundraiser at work. So, I bought the book. I spotted this recipe for Cranberry & Coconut Biscuits whilst flicking through… Read more

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In My Kitchen… September 2019

cheese plate with fruit, nuts and crackers on a bold printed table cloth

Last month I predicted the Ekka winds and, they arrived bang on time on the first day of the Ekka. I also predicted an early spring and that is well and truly here. We went away for a week to Bali and came back to a full flush of blooms and warm evenings. In my… Read more

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Sourdough Focaccia

slab of red pepper and olive sourdough focaccia cooling on rack

I’ve had an excess of sourdough starter recently. It’s really only flour, water and some wild yeasts but I can’t bear to throw any away. As a result, I’ve been turning our a variety of breads, including this sourdough focaccia. But why do I have such an excess of sourdough starter? My poor old sourdough… Read more

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