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Squares of baked, chewy chocolate slice topped with coconut

Yes, I know it's fete season because hot on the heels of publishing a recipe for Old Fashioned Rock Cakes, I got an email from a friend asking for suggestions about what to make for a cake stall. Whilst Rock Cakes are an option, I have another old favourite up my sleeve for those who may… >> Read more

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Wild Mushroom Tart known as Svamptarte in Sweden

Every year, our circle of friends embraces the celebration of all that is unique, unusual and just a little bit kitsch. Of course, I’m talking about Eurovision and this year we witnessed some new milestones in our celebrations. First and foremost, Australia was invited to compete in the Eurovision extravaganza. None of this wild card… >> Read more

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sign in front of the ocean for leeuwin-naturaliste national park in western australia

Welcome to the A-Z Guidebook Link Up. If you would like to join, read the A-Z Guidebook tab at the top of the blog and write a travel post relating to the letter of the month. * May marks 12 months since we started our A-Z journey. Thanks to the readers, contributors and commenters. This month… >> Read more

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Rock'n'Roll George's 1952 FX Holden at the Qld Museum

After the success of Brisbane - 10 Things To Do For Free, I am sharing some more activities and places to visit in Brisbane that will cost you nothing. Nix. Nada! Some of these are places you would expect to see on a list but some are tucked away or not as well known. All are… >> Read more

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old fashioned rock cakes with currants

It's Fete Season and that can only mean one thing. Cooking for the Cake & Sweet Stall or, if you have a really posh school, cooking for the Cake Stall AND the Sweet Stall. I recall many aspects of my own school fetes, a particular stand out being the White Elephant Stall. Who would give… >> Read more

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In My Kitchen… May 2016

Plate of figs, cheese, prosciutto, olives and other antipasti ingredients

Last month I said that autumn had arrived. It did arrive and it has since departed however, we are back to summer rather than winter. May is the last month of autumn and all across Australia, temperatures remain as hot as they were during summer. We had little rain over the summer (traditionally when we… >> Read more

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Breakfast in Fes Medina

Most people have heard of the riads in Morocco. Traditional guest houses where the rooms all face onto an open central courtyard, open to the sky. Riads face inwards to provide privacy to those in the house, with small gardens and soothing fountains offering peaceful respite from the hubbub of the world outside the door. A… >> Read more

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