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fresh unsalted butter in a dish

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a huge party. We fed and watered 50 people, all without using a paper plate or serviette or plastic cups or cutlery. A ton of food, plenty of drink and lots of laughs. It went off. There were no leftovers and minimal food waste so I was very… >> Read more

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A night time view of Brisbane's Story Bridge, viewed from the CBD. The bridge is picked out in red lights.

George’s Paragon is well known throughout Queensland and beyond. Chances are that if you’ve visited Sanctuary Cove, you’ve eaten at George’s Paragon. A big restaurant with an even bigger menu that keeps the punters happy by offering almost all of its meals at half price for early bird diners. It’s such a successful model that George’s… >> Read more

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Sir Anthony Gormley's Angel Of The North statue near Gateshead & Newcastle Upon Tyne

Welcome to the A-Z Guidebook Link Up. If you would like to join, read the A-Z Guidebook tab at the top of the blog and write a travel post relating to the letter of the month. * A tour of my photos showed me there are a lot of places and things that start with… >> Read more

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burger with onion rings on top; burger on a plate; meat grinders used as decoration in the restaurant

I’m the first to say that I don’t mind a good burger, as long as I’m not trapped in the US mid-west where it’s the only menu option for weeks on end. There have been many words and column inches written about the current fascination with US Fast Food culture and its all pervasive nature. No doubt… >> Read more

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Two jars of eggplant kasundi (relish) with a small bowl of teh same relish with a spoon resting in it.

Last week Mr Tiffin told me that his boss still made, on a regular basis, the recipe I had given her years ago for Tomato Kasundi. That sent me into the depths of the recipe basket to hunt it out. I couldn't even recall how I had first encountered kasundi or came across a recipe… >> Read more

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NAIDOC Week 2016

Pottery bowl decorated with painted pottery bloodwood apples. From the Hermannsburg Potters Bush Tucker series - QAGOMA

NAIDOC Week is held in Australia at the start of July every year.  It celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. *NAIDOC is observed by the indigenous and wider Australian community and is a chance to come together and learn more about the original culture of Australia. NAIDOC is an important part of Reconciliation… >> Read more

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In My Kitchen… July 2016

Lengths of colourfully printed fabric from Kenya, Indonesia, Tanzania and Fiji

It's July and it's cold. We had the longest summer ever in Brisbane but in the past week, winter has arrived. Sure, it's not snowing like it is in some parts of Australia but when you live in a wooden house without central heating, 8c is a pretty frosty start to the morning. On Monday… >> Read more

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