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Tamari Spiced Nuts

tray of tamari spiced nuts

There's no two ways about it. It's December and the festive season is upon us. Suddenly you are going out to drinks on a Sunday afternoon, a Monday night and Wednesday lunch. It's perfectly Ok to have 45 minute coffee catch ups with long lost colleagues and eat your weight in rum balls. Routines are… >> Read more

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In The Tiffin Box X

Life is never dull. Since finishing work, I've been out and about getting up to all kinds of bite sized adventures. Here's a taste. A Choko By Any Other Name.. I posted a photo on Instagram of a box of chokos for sale at the Farmers Market on Norfolk Island. For reasons I can't fathom… >> Read more

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In My Kitchen… December 2016

So here we are, the end of another year. Quite an eventful year for me with the completion of our renovation and finishing a 28 year career in the Australian Public Service. I'm on a bit of a sabbatical at the moment - I will eventually need to go back to work but I'm in… >> Read more

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Tis The Season To Be Jolly

two boys clown around on the streets of palmyra, syria

I was all set to write a post about 'Great Gifts for Foodies'. I'd done the research and had some fun suggestions beyond the usual books and gift hampers. I may publish that post at a later date but today I decided to write about something that's a lot more critical and urgent. Today I re-watched… >> Read more

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three mango lassi ice blocks with cardamon seeds

It's mango season! The first mangoes have started making their way down from the Northern Territory and are surprisingly cheap, so early in the season. Mangoes from the NT are smaller than the bigger Kensington Pride (Bowen) mangoes that are just on the horizon. They are the perfect size for a snack for one. Upon… >> Read more

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dim sum breakfast at sheung wan cooked food centre, hong kong

There are millions of Hong Kong Stories. This is one of them…. As a late riser, Hong Kong is my kind of city. Hong Kongers are for the most part also late risers. To some extent this is because they're night owls, out drinking and socialising to the wee small hours. In part it's because… >> Read more

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Prune & Amaretto Coffee Cake

a whole prune and amaretto coffee cake with flaked almonds on top

I have this 'just in case, rainy day' mentality for some of my pantry items that's not really necessary in this 'online, open 24 hours, available everywhere' world, but I can't seem to shrug it off. In recent weeks I have been making a concerted effort to use some of my many premium products. By premium… >> Read more

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