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In My Kitchen… May 2019

two purple cardboard boxes with cut out morifs and purple ribbons tied on top

Last month I wrote about how Easter was late and how hot the weather continued to be. Well Easter has been and gone and yet it’s still hot. The second month of autumn and it’s 27c in Brisbane today. It’s a fact of life that climate change is making a significant impact on our lives… Read more

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small decorative glass jar filled with lime and cococonut sugar scrub with a small bone spoon sitting in the jar

Some time ago I shared a recipe for how to make your own Coffee Salt Scrub. It’s part of our household trying to become palm oil and micro bead free. Cosmetics and beauty products pose a particular challenge. I have finished the jar of Coffee Salt Scrub so decided to turn my hand to a… Read more

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toasted wattle seeds in small jar with a black lid

Over Christmas I visited Tasmania for a food filled extravaganza. On one of our day trips, we stopped to take a look at the jetty on Peppermint Bay when I spotted some coastal wattles with seeds pods ready to burst. I collected the seed pods and brought them back to Brisbane to toast and use… Read more

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In My Kitchen… April 2019

round grape schiacciataa bread baked with grapes and rosemary sprigs pressed in, sitting on a cooling rack

What a funny old month March was. An unrelenting heatwave, no sign of Easter on the horizon and a frizzled modem, which severely curtailed internet activities including blogging. Nonetheless, I was diligent in taking photos to share what’s been going on In My Kitchen. In my April kitchen… …was an Italian style grape schiacciata. They… Read more

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pink and white skirt with pinkl belt purchased from an op shop

In case you’ve been living under a stack of toppled newspapers, you could hardly have failed to notice that the KonMarie method is all the rage. Marie Kondo has been teaching people how to fold and tidy for several years but the world has hit peak KonMarie since her series dropped on Netflix. Her catch… Read more

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In My Kitchen… March 2019

Last month I wrote about being organised In My Kitchen. I’d hate to see what my world would be like if I wasn’t. The days just fly by and this month is an exact repeat of last month, with just a couple of days tacked on the end. The heatwaves across Australia continue unabated, so… Read more

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Tahini Caramel Lunchbox Bites

cubes of puffed rice tahini caramel slice dipped in chocolate

I’m always on the hunt for recipes for homemade lunchbox treats. Muffins are a firm fave but I like to mix it up. I recently made a seed and oat dense baked muesli slice but wasn’t particularly happy with it. It didn’t spark joy. There had to be a recipe out there somewhere. I kept… Read more

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