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glass jar filled with lentils and spices on bench beside brown bowl of curry coconut and lentil soup

I wanted to give a birthday present to a friend who is very much into reducing her footprint and zero waste. I decided to have a go at a making a recipe in a jar. Something that could be cooked with little effort, one evening after work. Simply add oil and water and you’re done… Read more

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large plastic containers with taps filled with cleaning products stacked onto shelves at Vessel Nundah

It’s Plastic Free July, which is about raising awareness of single use plastics and asking everyone to make small changes in their relationship with plastic. If you follow Tiffin on Facebook (and please do, if you don’t already), you may have seen that I headed waaaayyyy over to the other side of town a couple… Read more

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In My Kitchen… July 2019

large green bowl of dried green apple slices

Hello July. You crept up quickly. Other than a few days spent in Sydney catching up with my brother, a cursory glance at the June calendar shows that it wasn’t really an action packed month. Yet here I am, staring down the barrel of July. A quick check of this month’s calendar shows that I… Read more

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fresh unsalted butter in a dish

I have been writing for a while about reducing waste and re-purposing food scraps and left overs into other meals and snacks. The amount of food waste in the world is really staggering. There is plenty of research and column inches written about it yet it seems to continue unabated. Whether it’s people buying too… Read more

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Home Exchnage - 5 tips to get your started

If you’ve been reading Tiffin for any length of time, you will know that Mr Tiffin and I do home exchanges. This is where you go on holidays and stay in another person’s house, whilst they stay in yours. You can also agree to a non simultaneous exchange. We’ve had some absolutely amazing holidays, all… Read more

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In My Kitchen… June 2019

brown pottery fermenting crock with tan crockery lid

In my kitchen… My first ever blog post – May 2019 …I have had a revelation. May 2019 marked 10 years of Tiffin Bite Sized Food Adventures. Ten years of me blogging. My first blog post was a review of Cumlus Inc in Melbourne, which I’m happy to say, is still going strong. Ten years… Read more

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Vintage metal scrap yard image from Australian War Memorial with Recycling Steel Bottle Tops title superimposed

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and reading about recycling systems in Australia. It would be great if every council had the same scheme to make it easier for people to recycle consistently across the country. Alas, they do not. Having said that, there are a number of items that are recycled almost universally… Read more

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