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traffic signal box painted with snail carrying mail in a satchel on its shell

Brisbane is a great walking city. There are plenty of pedestrian zones and bridges, parklands and river walks. At some point though, you’ll need to cross at a traffic light. While you’re waiting, make sure you take a closer look at the traffic signal box. Chances are, it’s a mini masterpiece. Drive Through Art Gallery… >> Read more

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Funnel of the Star Ferry, Hong Kong

There are millions of Hong Kong Stories. This is one of them…. Hong Kong is a sprawling, modern metropolis with a population of over 7 million. It has a fantastic rapid transit system to shuttle people all over the territory that’s clean, cheap and efficient and but is also a little vanilla Thankfully, despite itself… >> Read more

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Hello world. What have you been up to?  It’s been a year of highs and lows, reflection and re-direction, culling and curating. As part of editing my life, I have had many conversations with myself about this blog, whether I wanted it to continue and if so, in what format. It’s certainly liberating, not thinking… >> Read more

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In My Kitchen… August 2017

winter fruit salad in a bowl

Well, here we are again. I still haven’t got my blogging groove back yet, but as I cast my eye over the calendar, the call of writing my regular In My Kitchen post is strong. Our overall grocery bills aren’t too bad as I rarely succumb to impulse purchases (Digestive biscuits aside) and make the… >> Read more

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four people stand in front of the clove hotel in stone town, zanzibar

Well here we are. At the very last letter in the A to Z Guidebook. If you’ve been playing along, you’ve visited many places and perhaps learned about some destinations. Thanks to everyone who has joined in over the years. We’ve had a few stayers in the pack. Chiefly Sherry from Sherry’s Pickings and Stuart… >> Read more

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In My Kitchen… July 2017

pile of colourful tea towels

The weeks roll by and here we are again looking In My Kitchen. I’ve started this post so many times in my head but have finally put pen to paper. It’s been a difficult year for my family, after suffering a devastating loss in February that we are still reeling from. I haven’t shared or… >> Read more

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bird cages at Yuen Po St Bird Garden in Hong Kong

Welcome to the A-Z Guidebook Link Up. If you would like to join, read the A-Z Guidebook tab at the top of the blog and write a travel post relating to the letter of the month. *Here we are at our penultimate letter in the guidebook. When you have a moment, grab a cup of coffee… >> Read more

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