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Brisbane City Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays

For a while now, I have been trying to visit the Farmer’s Market that has sprung up in the CBD, but it seems there has always been something to thwart me. Often, I am not in Brisbane on a Wednesday and then there was the time it rained a month’s worth in one day. A few weeks ago I accidentally ventured into the market as I was at that end of town but it was blowing a gale and stall holders had to make the difficult choice between holding their stalls down or accepting money from potential customers (they could let go of the stall to accept the money but this may have resulted in the whole stall blowing away).

Today, I slipped up the Mall with a couple of friends and did a full reconnaissance. Many of the stalls also sell at Jan Power’s Farmers Market at the Powerhouse on Saturdays but it’s been so long since I’ve ventured there that this is a very convenient substitute. Lots of fruit and veg options as well as the usual chutneys, sauces etc. A couple of good looking specialist meat stalls (Pork, Lamb, Venison) as well as some Qld caught seafood.

This week’s goodie bag included:

  • 3 limes for $1 – big and juicy and starting to yellow (when they are at their best)
  • a small bag of baby organic capsicums for $2.50 – good for the solo capsicum eater in the house
  • 300gm of small egg tomatoes for $3 – bigger than the small grape toms but smaller than the usual Roma toms. Again, good for the solo tomato eater in the house
  • 2 olive & thyme small ciabatta for $4

The piece de resistance was my ‘State of Origin’ widow treat – a Curried Scallop Pie for $6. I was almost going to buy a Rabbit & Veg pie but the thoughts of succulent scallops in flaky pastry was just too much to resist. Not that I need a reason to buy good food, not that I’m even vaguely disappointed about having a Wednesday evening to myself. I’ll be interested to see how this pie competes with the famous Scallop Pies from Tasmania……stay tuned.

Last time I bought some local bananas and a delicious bag of passionfruit as well as some incredibly fresh beans that are picked by volunteers with all profits going to the Fred Hollows Foundation. Whilst the market isn’t huge and you may not be able to buy everything you want, if you are up that way, it’s worth a look.

Jan Power’s City Farmers Markets
every Wednesday 11am – 6pm
Reddacliffe Place (top of the Mall near the BCC building)
Queen St Mall, Brisbane

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