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About That Curried Scallop Pie…..

You may recall that last week, I bought a Curried Scallop Pie at the Wednesday Farmer’s Markets. It was my ‘kick up my heels’ treat on State of Origin night. Following the directions to the letter (not always easy for me, as you know), I popped the pie into the oven to heat.

Whilst I was waiting, I enjoyed the very last of my Fig Balsamic Vinegar, which I must confess, I have had so long (since visiting the USA in Nov 2004) that it had caramelised. I added those last few precious drops to some Macadamia Oil and used the slice of Fig & Pistachio Bread that Gabe had offered me from our market adventure, to mop it up. Delicious!

The pie on the other hand….Disappointing. It was certainly fresh and crisped well enough in the oven but it was just a bit of a let down. To begin with, the curry flavouring overwhelmed the delicate scallops. Not only was it too strong in flavour, it was quite intense in it’s heat. There were certainly discernible scallops and roe in the pie as well as a few non descript vegetables but at six bucks as pop, I thought there should be a lot more scallops and a lot less sauce. I imagined I would be tucking into a pie chock full of scallops in a delicately spiced sauce but, alas, not.

So overall, a mixed bag last Wednesday night. The Fig & Pistachio Bread was a great find and I’ll be off to buy some this week. I won’t be spending another $6 on a pie though.

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