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Dreaming of Malaysia…

I was thwarted on Sunday evening by Movida Next Door being closed as well as the hoped for return visit to Cumulus Inc being quashed. After walking the length of

Flinders Lane


Collins St

, I gave up on loftier aims and decided upon a takeaway restaurant in

Russell St

. I’m absolutely desperate to get to Kuala Lumpur so I can sink my teeth into all of that delicious, spicy, fattening food. So desperate in fact that I couldn’t wait and chose Hawker’s Cafe, a non descript Malaysian restaurant with laminex tables and pictures of the meals on the walls.

I ordered my fave – RotiCanai plus a side serve of rice. I knew this was setting myself up for disappointment if the curry didn’t live up to my heightened KL hysteria, coupled with an unhappy experience with a horrible Roti Canai I had from another part of Chinatown in the recent past. Happily, I wasn’t disappointed and was actually impressed. The beef chunks were large and tender, breaking easily under my fork with a spicy sauce with just enough of a hit of chilli for my tastebuds. I would have preferred my Roti whole, so I could tear it up myself but even ‘pre cut’, it was a fine accompaniment.

When researching this post, I have learned that Hawker’s have a couple of locations, one in the CBD and another in Hawthorn. I also discovered the Murtabak – wish I’d seen that on the menu on the night I’d visited. I was also hankering after the Char Keuy Teow. Oh well – bring on KL! The prices are cheap ($12 with extra rice) and no doubt this would be very popular with visiting language students and travelling public servants.

Hawker’s Cafe – 213 Russell St, Melbourne (03) 9662 1867
Visited: Sunday 26 July 2009 – Dinner Service

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