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You Say Macaron, I Say Macaroon

This is the closest I will ever get to Le Jules Verne, the restaurant on top of the Tour Eiffel,

The closest I'll get to Jules Verne, Eiffel Tower

famed for its fabulous views and fabulous prices to match!

Michelle asked if there were any Macaron sightings? Why thanks for asking Michelle, indeed there have been, in two very different locations.

Laduree Paris

The first was at Laduree – famous for its Macaron and other sweet delights. Between Laduree and Pierre Herme (which incidentally, you can get at the Sofitel in Sydney), they have turned the world on to Macaron. Light and crumbly with a chewy centre and buttercream or ganache filling, who wouldn’t enjoy a Macaron? These little treats are the ‘Cupcakes of 2010’, as in ‘I hear that Macaron are the new Cupcake….’

Laduree trio

Alas, I couldn’t justify a delicious Caramel Beurre Sel (Salted Butter Caramel) Macaron at Laduree, at 7 euro a pop so I had to visit the saviour of all tourists for my Macaron fix. Mc Cafe. Yes, that’s right, even Mc Donald’s is supremely French with Macaron in their Mc Cafes. We split a Pistache and Vanille mini Macarons. These little treats were only .90 euro cents each and to my tastes, they were just as scrumptious and exotic although from a lesser pedigree.

Macarons at Mc Doanld's Paris

Macarons at Mc Doanld’s Paris

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