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Creation Hot

I like chocolate and will always say ‘yes’ to some if it’s offered but a chocolate cake or tart or icecream is never going to be my first choice from the dessert menu. I’m not in love with chocolate as much as some. It must be said though that I am a fan of dark chocolate and a bigger fan of chilli chocolate.

If there’s chocolate in the cupboard and it’s unopened, it will generally stay that way. I do buy chocolate but it’s not a shopping trolley staple. Since travelling through Europe and the UK, we have seen an amazing array of Lindt Chocolates (Dark with Salt Flakes and White with Nougat come to mind) so, when I spied these little beauties in the Selfridges Food Hall, I made a rare chocolate impulse buy. They were in the ‘Festive Fare’ section.

They are not a cranberry chilli ganache as I thought but are just dried cranberries coated in dark chilli chocolate. Although I was hoping for a new taste sensation, I overcame my little disappointment and sampled them. Despite the rather noticeable description of ‘Creation Hot‘, they are only just warm but delicious none the less. Steve- you’d love them!

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