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The 4pm Fish Market in Peniscola, Spain

Peniscola Starfish

Yesterday, I was wandering the small town of Peniscola, enjoying the Castillo and the old town within it’s walls. Nothing much was open as it was siesta but as I was leaving the walls on the town and walking down towards the docks, I saw an Abuela (Grandmother) with a small bucket walking at a fair clip towards the docks. At the same time a wailing siren started up, no doubt waking the whole of the town. It was 4pm, siesta was over, time for businesses to re-open for the evening and signalling the arrival of the returning fishing trawlers to the town.

Peniscola fish selection 1

The majority of the fish caught are sold on through the cooperative however, on the dockside the husbands bring trays of small fry, odds and ends and fish that can’t be parcelled up, for their wives to sell to the townsfolk. Of course, it’s all incredibly fresh, having been caught only hours before and most are still gasping their last breaths.

Penicola pairBusiness is brisk and competitive – Langoustine was being sold for 4 euro a kilo. In comparison, Langoustine in Barcelona were 12 euro and 1/2 a dozen Langoustine from nearby restaurants sold for anything upwards of 14 euro. The fish were all measured by old fashioned hand weights and by eye but no one was complaining and very quickly, it was all over, only to be repeated again tomorrow. It was a real thrill to stumble upon this thriving cottage industry.

Peniscola fish selection 2

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