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Things Aren´t Always As They Appear

I´ve had the pleasure of visiting lots of supermercados in Spain including the national biggie Mercadona.  My favourites though are Eroski (just the name conjours up something exotic – sort of a Russian adult show) and Consum (conjouring up a vision of consumerism at it´s best).

The other day I was wandering down the aisles of Consum, looking for some savoury snacks or biscuits to accompany our afternoon drinkies, when I saw these.

To be honest, I had seen these Tortas several times before and was just looking for an excuse to buy them.  I was drawn to the fact that each Torta is individually wrapped and has an attractive graphic and inscription about ´Legitima Torta Saint Martin De Porres´on the greaseproof paper. (I´m also drawn to the individually wrapped Amaretti for the same reason.)

Yesterday I finally opened the packet so we could enjoy the Tortas with Tapenade.  They looked so lovely and crisp with their salty coating.  Except is wasn´t a salty coating.  It was a sprinkling of crunchy sugar crystals.  Tortas, as it turns out, are crisp and flaky, slightly sweet Tortillas with a faint taste of anise.

They were no good for the Tapenade but are great for a mid morning snack with coffee.  If I don´t finish them all in the next few hours, I might try dipping one in my Hot Chocolate tonight.  What a happy little accident!

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