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It’s not all bad on the cross Channel ferry

After an exotic Middle Eastern holiday and an unexepected detour via Spain and France, Tiffin has been re-united with her computer.  Just a quick post this time as there are still many, many food photos to catalogue.

As the title indicates – it’s not all bad on the ferries that cross the English Channel (well, on Brittany Ferries at least).  When I visited the ‘cafeteria’, I was pleased to see that there were real meals on offer (Lamb in Red Wine was the special) with real chefs serving.
Best of all though, was that they had my absolute favourite biscuits on offer for a bargain price of .85euro cents. Delicious, buttery, sweet but salty Galettes de Bretagne.  A specialty of Brittany, where the ferry was departing from. The demi sel (semi salted) butter was also a treat.

I wonder if P&O Ferries will fare as well on Thursday……?

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