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Dalmatinske Fritule

I had a delightful surprise for breakfast at our hostel the other morning when alongside the usual cheeses and salami, were these freshly cooked Dalmatinske Fritule or Dalmatian Fritters.  These little yeast based fritters are typically small balls that are dropped into the oil but at Hostel Adria, they were rather more free form.

Tasting like a doughnut with added tasty extras such as raisins, they were very good with a dollop of cherry jam and a cup of coffee, looking out over the Adriatic.  I was devastated when they didn’t have them on the third morning!

As I didn’t make these myself, I have not included the recipe in the text but here is a link to the Wiki recipe, if you want to try them for yourselves.  If you start practicing now, you’ll be an expert by the time I arrive home next year and I’ll be only to happy to taste test them for you.

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