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Bled Kremna Rezina

Apparently Bled is famous for it’s Kremna Rezina, also known as Cremeschnitte. I was unaware of this claim to fame but it became very apparent as I walked through the town and saw the signs luring people into coffee shops. ‘Cremeschnitte Cafe Combo – 5e’, ‘Original Bled Kremna Rezina Here’, ‘Cremeschnitte To Go’.

Folklore tells of a chef who came to Bled in 1953 and bought his dazzling recipe with him. He took up residence at The Park Hotel and the legend was born. We made an attempt to enjoy Kremna Rezina and coffee on the balcony of the Park Hotel, overlooking the lake but were advised by the gruff waitress that all the seats in the shade were reserved (what could they possibly all be reserved for at 10.30am?) so ‘Sit there!’ – in the blazing sun. We chose not too and had our morning tea at another leafy cafe.

Kremna Rezina is in fact, a very good Vanilla Slice. When I say very good, I mean exceptional. The pastry is crisp, the cream is fresh and the custard is light and airy. Certainly not that horrible mass produced yellow goo that you see in commercial vanilla slices, profiteroles and cannoli. Yuck! We were very quick to polish off a slice between us and I was envious of those who had one each.

Slovenia, Bled Kremna Rezina

We need not have bothered walking into town as the Park Hotel does a brisk trade, even sending a little van down every other day to the campground we were staying at. We resisted.

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  • Anonymous August 11, 2010, 7:03 pm

    that looks lovely. Probably the walk into and back from town helped work the cream, pastry and custard off?

    Susan N-S

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