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Yes Sir, We Have No Bananas

I’m not a fan of bananas, which is a pity as they are the perfect ‘take anywhere, anytime’ snack.  They also grow by the bucket load in Queensland so they are handy and cheap.  Except when there has been a devastating weather pattern bringing floods and cyclones to the State.

 For me, no great loss.  For the mothers of small children and gym junkies of Brisbane – it’s a trying time.  Banana supplies are low and prices have skyrocketed to over $15 a kilo. This is why you see queues at the City Farmer’s Market every Wednesday morning.  The little golden beauties are on sale for between $5 and $10 a kilo.  Orderly queues form as early as 7am (or so I am told) and a recent addition is the crowd control with witches hats, a velvet rope and a ‘bouncer’ to make sure nobody grabs a bunch and runs. They are always all sold out by morning tea.

Banana crowd control
Those of a certain vintage recall sleeping out on the footpath in Elizabeth St for tickets to go on sale at Festival Hall.  So, for those that are keen or have small mouths to feed, a sleeping bag may be an option in the hope that they are at the markets early enough next week.
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