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Many of you would know that I spend a lot of time in airport lounges around the country and am well known for picking up anything that is not nailed down.  I recently acquired a copy of MasterChef Magazine – something I hadn’t seen as it started being published whilst I was overseas.

The magazine was OK but I saw an ad for a MasterChef branded product that created a real light bulb moment.  Amongst the slicers and dicers, crushers and sifters was a MasterChef Mesh Spice Ball.  What a brilliant idea!  No more fishing out cloves and cardamon and no more poking around for pieces of ginger or juniper berries.

Of course, I’m not going to pay $14 for a branded item so I went to The Tea Centre in Brisbane Arcade and picked up a large tea ball for half the price.  I can’t believe such a simple idea will make such a difference.

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