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Holy Mole!

Last November I went to Florida for two weeks, to get away from the cold of another European Winter. I had a wonderful time swimming in the lovely warm Gulf of Mexico, trying my first Cuban food and admiring the Art Deco buildings of Miami.

Art Deco Purple, South Beach Miami Art Deco Trio 2



Art Deco Peach, South Beach Miami

The other thing I did was to lug back bottles of Hot Sauce and other Mexican fixings. Tabasco is fine but who can resist a bottle of Texas Pete Garlic Hot Sauce at Walmart for 99c? One of the items I bought was jar of Dona Maria Mole Sauce.  I have been wanting to make a Mole for years and thought this might be a good way to test the waters.  It takes many ingredients, time and love to make a great Mole so I decided that if I liked the general taste, then I would make the commitment to doing it right in future. I knew I was onto a winner when I saw the exact same jar at Pennisi Cuisine at Woolloongabba for $8.

Dona Maria Pair

Well I had the jar, but what to do with it? The instructions on the jar were scant but a quick ‘jar of dona maria mole’ search on Google turned up a wealth of information, particularly on Chowhound (a site I highly recommend). So, I followed the tips, adding stock, tomato paste and some dark chocolate to make a thick mole sauce.  We had it over poached shredded chicken, sprinkled with sesame seeds and accompanied by a corn and avocado salad dressed with orange juice; cumin and chilli powder; and fresh coriander. Soft tortillas would have been nice but we were all out so I added a few plain corn chips to the plate for crunch. It was delicious! I am determined now to make the real deal but I’ll need to use the rest of the jar first.  I saw a tip for using leftover sauce smeared on warm tortillas filled with scrambled eggs so there is obviously plenty of scope.

God Bless America!

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