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Haigh’s Chocolates – Adelaide

South Australia has a lot going for it food wise.  There are some great wine regions, lots of local providores, artisans and seasonal produce and national treasure Maggie Beer.  Most importantly, Haigh’s Chocolates has it’s historic and quaintly named ‘Beehive Corner’ store only one block from where I work, when I’m in Adelaide.

Many of you probably already know about Haigh’s though curiously, they do not have a shop in Brisbane.  There’s your standard range of good quality dark and milk chocolate wrapped around a variety of fruit, nuts and fillings; the GIANT foil wrapped ‘Super’ chocolate frogs and Murray River Cod; delicious truffles and, seasonal Easter Bilbies.  They also have this exotic delight, nestled in amongst the blocks of chocolate.

With Cardamom!

Haigh’s have been manufacturing since 1915, employ over 300 people and is still family owned.  Quite an achievement in this day of evil mega-corps who swallow up the competition.  Their products do cost a little more than the mass produced stuff but it’s a very small price to pay for really good chocolate and independence.  Make sure you support this proudly Australian Chocolatier whenever you can!

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  • Shannan July 3, 2011, 2:02 pm

    I became a Haigh's lover after several work visits to Melbourne. When in Adelaide for holidays last year I made sure to visit Beehive Corner….several times.

  • Anonymous July 6, 2011, 1:14 pm

    Love Haigh's, and love that they're still basically the same company as when they started. Did you buy the cardamon one? If yes, was it yah or nah? 🙂


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