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Sardine Tin – Little Stanley St


We were catching up with Melissa and Richard and as they had packed their kids off to family for the week, it was a chance to do something a bit more adult.  Lunch at Sardine Tin sounded just right

We arrived a little early and found our booking chalked onto one of the rustic tables in the outdoor dining area.  In fact, it’s all outdoor dining. As the name would imply, Sardine Tin is very compact with the whole of the ‘indoor area’ taken up by the bar and kitchen.  There’s plenty of cover over the alfresco area though and outdoor heaters if things get a bit too nippy.

Our friends could not get a park anywhere in the precinct and had to leg it from Kangaroo Point Cliffs so we made a start over a bottle of Argentinean Malbec ($40) and a mixed tasting plate of olives, almonds w pimenton and Padron Peppers (Pimientos de Padron).  Padron Peppers are mild and sweet, served blistered in oil and coated in salt.  The surprise is that around 1 in 10 peppers have a kick to them.  This is the way they grow on the bush and there is no way of knowing whether your pepper will be mild or spicy.  Forewarned by the waiter, I tentatively tried my first.  Anthony popped the whole pepper in his mouth and we all know what type he had!  Luckily, there was plenty of olive oil to soothe the palate after the initial jolt and in the end, the heat was not too intense.

Sardine Tin has cute little menu with a short selection of Tapas, a few mid sized meals, some sides and a good selection of wines and beers.  Once Richard and Melissa arrived, it was an endless procession of tasting plates and Tapas.  Most Tapas are $8 – $10 each or served in a tasting combo of 3 for between $12 – $14 so we worked our way through quite a lot.  Not surprisingly, one of the specials sold out towards the end of the afternoon – the much loved slow cooked Pork Belly. This time with quince paste, aioli and crispy crackling.  A very generous portion of three large chunks for $10.  The tasting plate of Confit Duck, Patatas Bravas and Squid with Mojo Verde, a tart and vinegary sauce with it’s origins in the Canary Islands was also delicious, so a second was ordered.  The biggest, fattest, wine soaking-est chips I have seen in a long time with a really good aioli were also a hit at $8.

What started as a lunch time get together turned into a very long, lazy afternoon.  I could not fault the service at Sardine Tin.  The waiters were attentive, never forgot an order (and there were many) and returned often to clear the plates and top up the water.  I will come back time and again to a place with good service but no matter how good your food is, if your service is bad, it’s the only time you will see me.  They also take bookings, which I’m very much in favour of.  I will not queue for the privilege of paying for a meal, no matter how good the food or reputation is.  On both counts, Brisbane has far too many restaurants competing for my money.

By mid afternoon, two of the food specials had sold out as had two of the wine specials. Those waiters were obviously doing a good job of selling.  We cleaned out the last of the Malbec from the cellar and moved on to a McLaren Vale Red to finish up.  All up: 3 bottles of wine, 3 tasting plates, 5 Tapas serves, 3 sides and 3 coffees was $226 for the four of us so I think that was great value for the quality, service and atmosphere.  There’s no need to feel bad about stopping for only one drink or a snack, there was passing parade all afternoon and everyone was made welcome. I’ll certainly be back and I’ll be suggesting it to others.   Sean – pencil it in.
Sardine Tin

Shop 3A ‘Arbour on Grey’

Little Stanley St, Southbank
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  • Anonymous July 7, 2011, 9:12 am

    Pencil? Sounds like a definite ink job to me!!


  • Anonymous July 29, 2011, 6:43 pm

    Hi Fiona. Great blog. Sardine Tin critique was spot on. Looking forward to our next food adventure. Richard & Melissa

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