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You Say Tomatillo

Foodie, Social Networker and Super Tweeter Mel Kettle tweeted last Saturday that she had spied some Tomatillos at the Kelvin Grove markets.  She observed that they are hard to come by in Australia and in fact, she had never even seen them for sale in this country.  She is right – they are a rare commodity indeed.  But how can this be?  There is a huge Mexican Wave going at the moment with a Taqueria on every corner and ‘market eating’ is the buzz.  You can’t make Mexican without Tomatillos. 

Well, now I can make authentic Mexican.  A happy coincidence meant I was not interstate on a Wednesday so I hot footed it up to the City Farmers Market with a hunch that the same stall might be there. And it was.  And it had Tomatillos. And they were only $10 a kilo!! (less than Bananas) And I bought some.  Thanks Mel.

I’m a big fan and will have you know that I correctly identified a Tomatillo at the Good Food & Wine Show and secured a very swish I.O.Shen cook’s knife as a prize.  Lesser mortals identified it as a gooseberry.  Tomatillos (‘to-ma-tee-yo-s‘) are not green tomatoes, have a paper husk, tart taste, are high in pectin and yes, are related to the gooseberry (something that’s also hard to come by here). They are essential for authentic Mexican cooking and are used by the bucket load in Mexico, the Tex-Mex states and hopefully in the kitchen in Camp Hill.

So now, I will be entering the exciting but slightly scary world of using these new found beauties.  I was a bit ambitious in the amount I purchased so I think I might try Fire Roasted Tomatillo Salsa, Tomatillo Salsa Verde (this looks particularly delicious) or even Salsa of Pumpkin & Tomatillo.  Depending on quantities, I might even have enough for a Tomatillo Tequila Cocktail!  Stay tuned

I say Tomatillo too.

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  • Mel Kettle July 29, 2011, 6:39 pm

    LOVE IT!! Am using mine tonight to make a salsa. Only downer is that I don't have any garlic. Will just have to go back to the markets to get more. Oh, and chop one up to pop in the garden so I can hopefully grow my own 🙂

  • Anonymous August 1, 2011, 9:42 am

    As a life-long tomato fangirl, I adore that tomato stall. Good luck with your salsa adventures!


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