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Portofino Cafe – New Farm


Same crowd (the usual suspects), same day of the week (Sunday), same meal (breakfast), same celebration (birthday), same postcode (4006), TOTALLY different experience to the woeful breakfast at another venue, four weeks prior.  Our visit for this Sunday breakfast was to Portofino Cafe, New Farm.

The breakfast menu has your typical fare such as a Big Breakfast, Eggs Benedict and Pancakes as well as more unusual items such as a breakfast Frittata.  Our orders were taken and coffee promptly dispatched to the table whilst we waited for our food.  The coffee cups are a lovely duck egg blue and quite classy but alas, only come in a petite size.  Clearly not big enough after a big night out, the wait staff offered much larger coffees in takeaway cups.  That suited me and most others at too but it may be more economical for the cafe to invest in some larger mugs or glasses.  Portofino is licensed and as it was after 10am, a few also partook of some bubbles at a reasonable $5 a glass.

Food arrived promptly, not an order was forgotten and the serves are generous to say the least.  The Ciabatta with Tomato & Poached Eggs had an enormous mound of glistening tomatoes tossed in dressing and basil and the French Toast mirrored the Sydney Opera House in extravagant peaks.   The Pancake stack was high and as you would expect, came with a great looking butterscotch sauce as well as the more unusual breakfast accompaniment of gelato (as does the French Toast).  The other stunner was the Eggs Benedict with the brightest looking hollandaise sauce I have ever seen that I can only put down to free range eggs.   It was all hot and fresh, fresh, fresh.

Service was friendly and efficient and I couldn’t help but note Portofino has an amazing array of locally made dolce (biscuits and cakes) for $45 a kilo.  That might sound like a lot but once those buttery treats melt in your mouth, you’d sell your soul for just one more (not that I speak from personal experience).  It was a tad noisy between our table with 10 chattering diners, the endless grind of the coffee machine and the bang, bang to clean out the espresso head but on this particular morning, it was bucketing down, so outside was not an option.  On a clear day, dining on the deck may prove a more relaxing choice.  Great to see a local business making simple, fresh food , not taking shortcuts and offering good service for a reasonable price.  You should visit soon.


Visited: Sun 21 July 11 – Breakfast/Brunch Service


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  • Anonymous August 25, 2011, 9:09 am

    How exciting to have been a part of not one but two Tiffin posts – I truly feel a part of the blogosphere!


  • Anonymous August 25, 2011, 1:57 pm

    And not only did young Oscar get to have pancakes two weeks in a row, but he was lucky enough to score toy cars from Bronlynn and Robert, and a (wine) carton full of Top Gear magazines from the Broadleys. Whose birthday was it? Michelle

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