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Tiffin at the Club – That’s ‘At’ not ‘In’

What Club, I hear you ask?  The Club I seem to have spent most of my most time in.  Not Mannequin’s Partyhouse at the old Treasury Hotel as you may think, but the Qantas Club.  I travel a lot for work and  consequently spend a lot of time in the QC.  I know all of their menu selections intimately for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Before I went overseas, I was seeing an awful lot of feta cheese and olives on the afternoon snack (you and I know it as Tiffin) selection and a few party pies that were hard fought over.  Woe betide anyone who jumped the hot food queue.  You certainly couldn’t wander over and pretend to be getting some sweet chilli sauce and drop a few wedges on your plate at the same time.  BACK OF THE QUEUE!  Luckily a full bar was also included in the fee…..

Nowadays though, there are plenty of tasty treats on offer.  Lots of salads with with interesting tidbits nestled in amongst couscous or brown rice; lavosh, quince paste and muscatels; beetroot dip, tzatziki and homous as well as wholegrain breads.  I can’t honestly say they are all low fat but they are a darn sight healthier than sausage rolls.  The wine selection has improved too and I was happy to see some Barossa Elderton on my last visit.  I’m thrilled to see jars of licorice allsorts too.

These bar snacks are also a step up from rice crackers – vegetable ‘chips’.  Full of fat and salt but delicious to unwind with after work.


There’s obviously been a sea change in the QC over the past two years.  Whilst I’ve been globetrotting on budget airlines, Qantas has obviously been worrying about those same budget airlines eating into their profit.  What to do…..Charge less? Higher weight limits on luggage?  No. Stuff the bread and butter travellers.  Let’s charge to use credit cards, charge for extra luggage and court our business customers by giving them decent food in the QC.  It works for me. Luckily a full bar is also included in the fee…..

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