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Never Underestimate an Op Shop!

Time for an Op Shop update.  So many great goodies out there and so little space to fit it in my cupboards.

To start with, these cute espresso cups. Originally a set of 8, sadly there were only 4 pairs plus the leftover saucers, that stayed behind.  With a hint of 70’s and a whiff of Mediterranean, these little cups are unlikely to see any coffee action at my place, due to the key component of an espresso machine being absent.  Future use for an Amuse Bouche or mini mousse, perhaps. $2 for the 4

From an era when it was fine to have a dozen drinks at your friend’s cocktail party and then drive home, I present to you, the ultimate party platter.  I have a few of these in my collection but none with such cheery decoration or the real selling point for me, indentations for the devilled eggs.  Crack open the Vermouth, it’s time to party!  $5

Speaking of cocktails, how about Shirley Flight Air Hostess in ‘Storm Warning’?  Poor old Shirley, dropping that cocktail tray into the laps of her passengers.  The Shirley Flight series was written by Judith Dale but you may know her better as Edward Reginald Home-Gall. Lucky Shirley works for Transcontinental Air Lines (it says so on the back), so she’ll have a job for life.  50c

What’s this you ask? It’s a thingie that you use to rub butter into flour when you are making pastry so you don’t overwork the flour (nothing worse than a tough scone).  It’s actually called a Pastry Blender and nowadays you can just use the pulse action on your food processor.  Still, it’s got a great 1950’s feel to it and quite an ergonomic design for it’s day with a little thumb rest as one end of the handle, to allow extra pressure to cut through the butter.  I know you can do without one but I love it!  50c

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  • Anonymous June 26, 2012, 12:14 pm


    Do you still have the above mentioned Shirley Flight book?

    Thank you!

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