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Kopi Luwak @ Cenzo’s Espresso

Like the rest of Australia, I’ve been sucked into the world of online discount vouchers.  As appealing as teeth whitening or boot camp sessions are, I have limited myself to low cost purchases such as Korean lunch in the Valley for $5 and the opportunity to try a cup of Kopi Luwak.

Cenzo’s Espresso Bar is tucked away in a side street in Upper Mt Gravatt and is literally a hole in the wall.  Located in a 1960’s strip shopping centre, it adjoins the the marketing company run by Cenzo’s owner.  There’s a wide window onto the footpath that you order and collect from and that’s it.  A small scattering of tables are situated on the very wide footpath where you are welcome to enjoy your takeaway coffee.  The menu comprises Merlo coffee, one or two cakes of the day and the famous Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee.

Apparently civet cats are mad for coffee (who isn’t?) and enjoy eating the pulpy fruit from the trees, with the beans inside. Enzymes seep into the beans in the civet’s stomach and as the beans are indigestible they are passed by the civet.  This is why you will sometime hear it referred to as ‘cat poo coffee’.  The resulting coffee is said to be less bitter and more aromatic.  It’s the most expensive coffee in the world, as you can imagine, with workers needing to wait until the civets pass the beans before they can be collected, cleaned and processed.

Cenzo’s have their own import licence so they can cut out the middle man and keep costs reasonable.  You can even buy the beans from their hole in the wall (use your discount voucher).  But what does it taste like?  Well, it tastes like coffee.  There is certainly no hint of bitterness and the flavour is well rounded.  Anthony, who’s not even a coffee drinker, finished his before I did.  As the owner says, you’re not going to pay $50 for a cup of coffee, no matter how good it is.  At $5 a pop though, your more likely to try a cup and perhaps come back again.  It’s worth visiting – look out for a voucher on Grab One.

Cenzo’s Espresso Bar
149 Lumley St
Upper Mt Gravatt   Qld   4122
Cenzo’s Espresso Bar

Visited: Saturday 5th November 2011, Breakfast Service

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  • Brisbane Devoured November 8, 2011, 10:49 pm

    Wow I never even knew this place existed… will have to try it, seeing as its pretty much walking distance from our house!

  • Finn Felton February 23, 2013, 7:00 pm

    Many people go to abroad and their one the main objectives have been to taste a cup of Kopi Luwak, the most unique yet expensive coffee in the whole world. Thank you for the information about place, (Cenzo Expresso). I'll surely try to visit in the future.

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