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Lunch Sized Adventures @ Extract Espresso

It’s been a very busy week so far.  Between visits to the vet, my computer giving up the ghost and tendering my resignation with my employer of 21 years, I haven’t had much spare time.  None the less, when I crossed paths in the Halls of Power with an interstate colleague, I had to make time to have lunch with him.  I knew it would be the last time I might see him for some time and maybe, forever.  I work in the CBD but sometimes it’s a bit hard to find somewhere to eat that’s quick but is not a food court.  Recently, I have been opting for one of my regular coffee haunts, Extract Espresso Bar.

Extract makes good coffee but is also offers a large selection of sweet and savoury items that will appeal.  Many are ‘home style’ such as the hearty winter soups and who knows, they may even be home made.  Now there’s a headline – ‘Coffee Shop With Decent Food Shock!’  Even better, vegetarians and coeliacs (gluten free) are also well catered for.

Today, my choice was a Sweet Potato & Feta Sandwich on toasted sourdough. My companions had a Chicken & Sundried Tomato Panini and, a Quiche & Salad.  All were as billed. They were fresh, generous of filling and although to the gourmet on the go, possibly a little pedestrian, this trio were more than happy with their lunch.  After you order at the counter, you take a seat and your meal is delivered.  A bonus is that service is quick so you can easily fit in lunch in half an hour if you need to.

One of the things that sets Extract apart from the others is the ability to always get a seat at lunch time. Don’t be put off by the narrow street entry.  Extract sits in the the lobby of old Qld Government offices.  The main entry is a doorway into a narrow chamber that’s all grey marble and high ceilings (probably a store room in it’s hey day).  Squeeze past the very busy coffee counter and the extremely efficient staff and you’ll see tables at the back and more importantly, a door into the building next door with lots of tables and comfy chairs for a coffee and a gossip.

Extract Espresso Bar
200 Adelaide Street
Brisbane  Qld 4000
Extract Espresso Bar

Visited: Tuesday November 16th – Lunch Service

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  • Anonymous November 17, 2011, 9:15 am

    Sourdough bread is my current foodie crack, and that sandwich of yours looks fabulous. I sorely miss all the coffee shops down that end of town. There are a couple quality places in my neck of the woods, but nowhere near the smorgasboard of choice I used to have.

    21 years, hey? What do you get for that? Gold watch? Bronze plaque? Gold class vouchers? Enquiring minds want to know

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