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Do Yourself a Fava

Tribute to Molly Meldrum?  No, just a lame pun of the words Fava Bean.  A few weeks back, I was doing my usual ‘Plane lands in Canberra at 6.30pm, shop for the same 10 grocery items in Dickson Woolies by 7pm’ routine when I spied ‘Fava Nuts’.  I thought ‘Hey, why not treat yourself and buy 11 items instead?’.  So I did.

Fava Nuts are in fact Fava or Broad beans.  Fava (Broad) beans help to restore soils by fixing nitrogen within the soil and making it rich in nutrients.  They are roasted and lightly salted then popped into handy little 25g packs for your snacking pleasure.  Fava Nuts are made by Queensland company Partner Foods, who are also responsible for Chic Nuts, that you may have seen in some supermarkets.  What’s not to like about Partner Foods?  They are 100% Australian owned, their products are all Australian and as you can see from their business model, they truly do believe in the triple bottom line, balancing profitability alongside community and environment.  Good on you guys!

A serve of Fava Nuts is only slightly higher in kilojoules and fat than a low fat muesli bar and certainly a lot lower than the leading muesli bars.  They have half the fat of salted peanuts, making them a good snack option in kids lunchboxes or as an accompaniment to your favourite after 5 tipple.  At the moment, your best option for buying them is from Woolworths or IGA.   I think they taste great, so I commend them to you. Support local business and enjoy the fruits of their labour.  Win/Win.

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  • Anonymous June 26, 2012, 9:47 am

    eish.. Molly Meldrum's name used to promote nuts.. does Molly know.. is he?? Do YOUR self a favour.. what are ya.. T.I.S.M. might know.. with a bit of luck, so might you..

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