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Dispatches from Sydney – Belljar Coffee

Many’s a time I have schlepped my way up Alice St in Newtown, to grab breakfast from one of the many cafes in King St (‘Paris end’ dont’cha know?).  How fortunate then that Belljar Coffee should open barely 100 paces from my brother’s house, when I need to secure a caffeine or in this instance, breakfast fix.

Belljar is one of those cute, hole in the wall, shabby chic, Nanna’s front room type of coffee shops.  An efficient duo behind the counter provide table service whilst making takeaway coffee for the regular stream of people drifting past.  The breakfast and lunchtime menu is small but serviceable with sandwiches, toast and cereal on offer as well as a few muffins and cakes in the display.  We went for a couple of coffees, a toasted Egg, Ham & Tomato Chutney Sandwich and, Muesli, Yoghurt & Berries.   The food was prepared and served promptly.  Nothing fancy but satisfying and certainly good value at under $10 each.  The coffee on the other hand was a little on the small side for my liking, using cups better suited to demi tasse espresso than for skinny flat white.  It tasted fine but I really didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy it as it was finished before I started.  The next size up is only 50c extra so I’ll be going for a hopefully more satisfying cup next time.

As I sit and write, I think ‘Hmmm…..I could go a coffee right now.’  So I’m off around the corner.

Belljar Coffee
2/104 Alice St
Newtown  NSW  2040

Visited: Thursday 1st March 2012 – Breakfast Service

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