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Dispaches from Sydney – Martini

Sometimes going around the corner to Belljar Coffee just won’t satisfy.  Sometimes there really is a need to schlepp up Alice St to King St in search of a tasty, savoury breakfast with a bucket of coffee to go along with it.  Such a need presented itself on Sunday morning after a long but festive night manning the barricades at Mardi Gras.  Watching all those marching boys in their pink lurex shorts can really take it out of a girl.

Martini is a firm favourite and I never tire of their extensive menu.  When I say extensive, I’m talking about 25+ menu items on their all day breakfast menu.  All of them tempting, many of them sampled and so hard to go past the favourites to break new ground.  There some great ideas such as Pumpkin Polenta Eggs; Balsamic Mushrooms w Feta on Sourdough; and, Vegetarian Montsro with roasted pumpkin, eggplant, baked beans, mushrooms, hashbrowns and more.  There is a heavy emphasis on vegetarian and organic and all eggs are free range.  Plenty of meat for the carnivores though.  On this day, I went for the Corn Cakes w Poached Eggs, Spinach & Bacon whilst the other two orders at the table were the South Sydney Eggs w Pesto and, an enormous Breakfast Wrap w Scrambled Eggs, Bacon & Spinach.

We sat inside but Martini also has a courtyard out the back and in catering for needs of their most demanding customers, a kids room and ‘chill out’ lounge upstairs. The bucket of coffee arrived quickly and was a welcome injection into a bleary morning.  The breakfasts were delivered not long after and once again, Martini came up trumps.  I had asked for my eggs to be poached firm and am happy to report they were delivered as ordered. I realise firm poached eggs is probably not how they should be cooked, but that’s how I like them and it’s one of my breakfast tests.  Anthony said they looked like two little ghosts perched on the plate.  The corn cakes didn’t thrill me.  They were more like something I would turn out in my own Sunday morning kitchen.  They lacked seasoning and also needed to be much crisper.  What the meal lacked in crispness, it made up for in quantity and as you can see by the enormous pile of bacon on my plate, it was far too much for me.  The South Sydney Eggs and the Breakfast Wrap were polished off with gusto, so clearly no complaints there.

It’s a buzzy little place with plenty of options, quick service and reasonable pricing.   All breakfast items are under $20 and most are under $15.  In the past while, Martini has started do evenings as a bar.  I imagine the home made style bar snacks and burgers are the reason why people were cramming the tables late on a Saturday evening as we wended our way home from the glittery street parade we had enjoyed.

529a King St
Newtown   NSW   2040
Visited: Sunday 4th March 2012 – Breakfast Service

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