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Furious 5 – Divisione Tecnica

There may not be a newsagent, supermarket or chemist anywhere near Newstead but if your prepared to give up those practical affectations, there’s a whole plantation of coffee sellers in the area.  As a boost to my fitness, my enthusiasm for a decent coffee, secret fandom of Grandmaster Flash and a test of my blogging commitment, I am hoping to post 5 coffee shops in 5 days. 

* Walkable from 639 Wickham St, Newstead/Fortitude Valley
* There and back in 30 minutes

Day 2 – Divisione Tecnica

Walking Time:
1528 steps return
29 minutes return including travel, ordering and drinking

On Approach:
Hidden in a side street, on the edge of the massive new Gasworks development that’s going gangbusters.  The unusual name may not reveal the secret within but the tables on the footpath make it easy to spot.  The entry includes a ramp making it wheelchair and pram friendly.

Inside Vibe:
As the young kids are saying: ‘cool cool’.  A warehouse renovated to now incorporate an espresso bar as well as retaining the workshop where repairs are done on espresso machines and storage for parts.  Best spots are the converted loading dock that catches a good breeze and the small courtyard out the back.  There are also a couple of 1980’s arcade games that you can feed your money into.



Strong!  As you would expect from an espresso machine repair company, they know their way around a coffee.  I was very surprised to learn that the coffee of choice was Di Bella. I have been disappointed with Di Bella to date but perhaps this says more about the baristas than the coffee.  You will need a glass of water when you drink this.  Medium – a bargain priced $3

The usual suspects in the chiller cabinet. I opted for the ‘health loaf’ made on wholemeal flour with dates, nuts and coconut.  I had it with an unhealthy serve of butter.  A very big portion that could easily be shared – $3.50. There are also some home style Italian dolci available.

Friendly and welcoming.  Order at the counter, served to your table.  Baristas are happy to chat as are any of the other staff working on repairs.   One barista talked with me about the artwork on their walls.  You couldn’t get a nicer bunch.

Point of Difference:
Did I mention they service and repair coffee machines?  They also sell them.  Divisione are Italophiles and this is reflected in the products they sell including those cool Italian lever coffee machines.  They also contribute to various community initiatives both here and in Argentina.

Divsione Tecnica
16 Waterloo St
Newstead   Qld   4006

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