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Furious 5 – Blue Sky Coffee

There may be nary a newsagent, supermarket or chemist anywhere in Newstead but if your prepared to give up those practical affectations, there’s a whole plantation of coffee sellers in the area.  As a boost to my fitness, my enthusiasm for a decent coffee, secret fandom of Grandmaster Flash and a test of my blogging commitment, I am hoping to post 5 coffee shops in 5 days. 

* Walkable from 639 Wickham St, Newstead/Fortitude Valley
* There and back in 30 minutes

Day 3 – Blue Sky Coffee

Walking Time:
936 steps return
22 minutes return including travel, ordering and drinking (although I did need to take my coffee away as it was not finished)

On Approach:
Housed in a red brick, 1950’s style former light industrial office with warehouse (now coffee roastery) attached at the back.

Inside Vibe:
Cavernous.  Large communal tables and a couple of smaller ones.  Funky modern art on loan from  Fireworks Gallery dotted around the walls, roasting and packing at the back.  Oh, and there’s a motorbike and suit of armour. The high roof with silver tar paper looks very urban chic however be warned!  There’s no insulation which means it can get devilishly hot inside on a summer’s day, particularly if they are roasting coffee.


Blue Sky’s own bean blend – on this day ‘Ebony & Ivory’.  A smooth tasting medium blend with no bitter undertones.  Coffee is piping hot and took quite a while to cool to drinking temperature.

Florentines, cookies, poppy seed loaf, wraps, focaccias – you know the drill.

Hey…..weren’t you my barista at Extract Indeed I was!  But I saw the light and have followed you down to the ‘quality end’ of town and I’m working at Blue Sky.  And you still remember my coffee order?  That’s fantastic!  All part of the service.*

Point of Difference:
Works with the Terrace Timor Network to support the local community.  Roasts it’s own coffee on premises and has some serious coffee techniques and paraphernalia for coffee wankers to try and buy.  There’s a ‘Bean Bar’ where you can check out the latest beans available and any specials.

*Real life facts.  Imaginary conversation.

Blue Sky Coffee
32 Commercial Rd
Newstead   Qld   4006

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