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Furious 5 – 33 Squares

** This venue has now closed **

There may be nary a newsagent, supermarket or chemist anywhere in Newstead but if your prepared to give up those practical affectations, there’s a whole plantation of coffee sellers in the area.  As a boost to my fitness, my enthusiasm for a decent coffee, secret fandom of Grandmaster Flash and a test of my blogging commitment, I am hoping to post 5 coffee shops in 5 days. 

* Walkable from 639 Wickham St, Newstead/Fortitude Valley
* There and back in 30 minutes

Day 4 – 33 Squares
Walking Time:
 1142 steps return
26 minutes return including travel time, ordering and drinking
On Approach:
You could walk right by this place.  The Limestore is a small re-purposed warehouse that has a mix of business tenants as well as 33 Squares in the foyer.  A couple of tables under a leafy canopy on the street let you know you are heading in the right direction.
Inside Vibe:
There are some great stone walls that have been taken back to their original patina as well as a funky pop culture mural including a quirky reference to Vegemite v1.0.  A mix of smaller tables and stool as well as a longer shared table.  The broader foyer area has artwork made from coffee bags as well as pieces of the original hardware and tackle from the warehouse’s former life.
Order at the counter, service to the table.  Coffee is medium bodied but has a slight bitterness.  Served at a decent temperature.
Sandwiches and salads.  There’s sushi available which must be like a tall drink of water to people working in this industrial desert.  Menus are printed on takeaway paper bags, which is a neat twist.
Friendly and relaxed.  Whilst my friend and I sat and chatted, our coffees were delivered followed by bottle of water and glasses.  Staff are efficient in preparing food and happy to substitute.  Always a happy greeting at the counter.
Point of Difference:
For a start, it’s the only coffee shop in this part of the precinct.  A big selling point for me were the Lolly Jars on the counter but the real appeal is in the welcoming and unharried atmosphere.  No one’s trying to push you out the door or asking you to vacate your table.  In fact, they are offering to fetch you another bottle of water and encouraging you to take your time.  Opposite the massive Gasworks development, they’ll be run off their feet very soon indeed so get in quick.
** This venue has now closed **

33 Squares

5a/33 Longland St
Newstead   Qld   4006
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