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Genuine Coconut Water

Coconut Water. It’s all the rage. Buy it in a bottle at the health food shop. Get it in a can with young coconut flesh from the Asian supermarket.  Buy it in a tetra brick mixed with fruity flavours. Today I saw a litre of it at Sourced Grocer for $10. There’s even an Australian based Coconut Water Review website.

I prefer my Coconut Water to be drunk directly from the coconut, preferrably in an exotic tropical location. When I was in Bali recently, we visited the posh resorts in Nusa Dua, with their private white sand beaches and fancy schmancy tiki huts. Right behind the beaches were the little warungs where the locals went to grab a quick bite to each and wash it down with some Coconut Water. I joined them in a drink. As you can see, the woman running the warung was quite handy with a machete and made short work of the coconut. Flick through the slide show like a short stop motion movie!

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Here’s my drink. It was very big coconut so there was far too much for me to drink (knowing I had a long drive ahead). Not bad value for around $1 with a bit of show thrown into the bargain.
Coconut trio
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