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Bali Bakery

Admit it.  When you think Bali, you don’t think ‘Bakery’.  Tropical paradise with cocktails at sunset – yes.  Patisserie – no.  None the less, Bali had a little surprise for me in the form of Bali Bakery in Kuta.  Bakery is understating it as they do breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as offer an amazing array of French patisserie and bread.

We visited for afternoon tea and were astonished at the variety of cakes and pastries on offer.  Equally astonishing were the minuscule prices.  Can you imagine paying 80c for a Foret Noir Eclair (Black Forest) at Coles, let alone at a high quality Patisserie?  Or how about a Lemon Flan for $1.30?  No, I didn’t think so.

Most astonishing of all though, was how good the patisserie was.  I’m sure we’ve all seen the less than average Neenish Tarts or Vanilla Slices in Vietnamese bakeries that are a pale imitation of the ones we ate as kids.  No such problems in Bali Bakery.  Each item (and I tasted several) is made with high quality ingredients and crafted by a patissier who really knows their Opera Slice from their Caramel Chocolate Delice.

I enjoyed an Almond Pear Flan – rich and buttery with a whole pear baked into the frangipane, glazed and scattered with almonds.  An extra treat was to discover the core of the pear had been hollowed out and filled with almond cream.  I couldn’t resist a Toffee Nut Crunch at 48c (yes, you read right) and it couldn’t resist me.  The coffee is so-so but the coffee is so-so everywhere in Bali so it was no great surprise.  Besides, you’re there for the cake!

Bali Bakery has 4 locations in the southern coastal area of Bali.  We visited the bakery in Kuta and friends who travelled with us said they preferred it to the one in Seminyak.  Wherever you visit, I don’t think you will go wrong.

Bali Bakery
Various locations

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