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For the 5pm G&T – King Kong Casava Chips

There are a few things I like to do whenever I travel overseas.  Sure, I like to eat exotic delicacies and visit the markets but I also like to while away a few hours in the local supermarket.  This has led to novelty soft drinks in Syria and jovial icecreams in Slovenia and Croatia.

Above all though, I like to source the local savoury snacks to have with my 5pm G&T.  In the past this has turned up ‘Giant Cheesy Maggots’ in Zambia (my words, not theirs), the ‘Oven Baked Goodness’ of Salticrax in South Africa as well as artifically flavoured and deliciously addictive maize cornets in Spain.

This time around, it was King Kong Casava Chips in Indonesia.  Sadly, King Kong Casava Chips did not live up to their name.  No giant flavour and certainly not the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’.

Oh well.  I’m off to South America in September and no doubt there’ll be a rich supply of tasty treats to enjoy with our sundowners.  Stay tuned….

Let me know about the crazy snacks you’ve seen on your travels!  Make a comment below.

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