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Jack’s Cafe – Cusco, Peru

There are times when you are travelling when you just can’t take another breakfast of slightly stale bread rolls, butter and jam, bitter coffee that you could stand a spoon up in and watered down Tang masquerading as juice.  On such a morning, you need to seek out something familiar and have a splurge.  This morning was the tipping point so we headed to Jack’s Cafe in downtown Cusco.

Jack’s is well known to tourists who seek it out for it’s famous breakfasts.  We arrived just after 9am and there was a very short wait which allowed us to peruse the menu before we were seated.  It all sounded good – fresh juices, eggs various ways, toasted sandwiches and we witnessed an enormous stack of pancakes being demolished beside us.  Peru is not known for its snappy service however, no sooner were we seated than our orders were being taken and barely minutes later, our meals were delivered to our table.  Happily, Jack’s owns an espresso machine (a bit of a rarity in Peru) and the Australian influence is clearly evident with a flat white on the menu.  After two weeks of average coffee, a decent espresso was very welcome

Cute Peruvian themed tea set

There was only one choice for me: Huevos Rancheros, which is the well known ‘Rancher’s Breakfast’ of eggs, beans and chilli on a tortilla (S/-14).  There are many variations to be had around the world and this version had fried eggs sitting atop the chilli beans rather than cooked in a small indentation in the beans.  The eggs were cooked to my liking with the yolks being still slightly soft but not runny.  The dish came with a spicy, piquant relish of vinegar, chopped chilli, coriander and fresh onion and was so good that my mouth is watering as I write.

Huevos Rancheros

Usually my holiday treat is a cheap soft drink from a road side vendor at the end of a dusty day but they do really good juices everywhere in Peru and so cheap!  Therefore, a mixed juice was in order and at only S/-6 ($2.30) for a large glass, it was an excellent way to wash down our Malarone Malaria tablets.

Anthony ordered the ‘Special Eggs’ comprising Scrambled Eggs w Pesto, Roasted Tomato & Parmesan on Thick Toast.  Goodness knows where you source Parmesan or Thick Toast in Cusco but there they were, on the plate.  I managed to snaffle a small mouthful before they disappeared and discovered that the Pesto was also fresh.  This was a great combination that I’ve seen on many menus in Brisbane but tasted all the better at altitude.

Special Eggs

I can highly recommend Jack’s Cafe to weary travellers looking for a taste of home.  It’s a short walk from Plaza Armas, the main square and you’ll pass the Inca 12 sided stone on the way.

Just look for the tourists….

Jack’s Cafe
Choquechaka 509
Cusco Peru

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  • Lizzy (Good things) September 16, 2012, 8:45 am

    What an adventure! I love that you are posting snippets!

  • jhonatan August 12, 2014, 7:41 am

    very good food and is seen to be a nice place, I have to vicitar if I return to Cusco. =)

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