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Peru – A Nation of Snackers

I wrote earlier about how much Limeans enjoy snacking.  This trend has continued on through Peru where every couple of hundred metres there’s a mobile vendor selling packaged drinks and snacks as well as more enterprising locals, selling whatever’s available.  In bigger towns and cities, vendors are licenced and take great pride on keeping their stalls well stocked to attract passers by.

Authorised Vendor in Arequipa
Cusco Street Vendor
Selling Pineapple Slices
Corn Snacks

Driving through Colca Canyon, we stopped by the roadside to take in the view and were greeted by women selling prickly pear fruit.  I had seen this fruit often in Morocco but was a little wary of trying it.  The deftness with which the seller peeled the fruit and the bargain price of S/- 1 won me over.  The fruit was sweet and juicy, tasting like a cross between guava and watermelon.  Next time I’m wandering in the desert, I’ll be looking out for this thirst quenching treat.

Selling Prickly Pear Fruit

Ceviche at the Border
Having a Siesta
Chicahrron Seller in Cusco

There’s no need to go hungry in Peru.

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