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The Kola Wars

Gosh!  Remember in the not too distant past when not too much was happening in the sphere of world destabilisation?  In the period between the Cold War slowly melting and the rise of the supposed WMDs, things were fairly quiet on the Western Front.  So, like any self respecting civilisation, we decided to go to war again.  The Cola Wars.

I think at least some of my readers may not have lived through the torture of the Cola Wars.  Did you like Coke or Pepsi?  Sadly RC Cola was an early casualty and Export Cola was tried for treason.   Were you a fan of KISS or Michael Jackson (Pepsi) or the smooth stylings of Whitney Houston and Max Headroom (Coke)?….Max Headroom, remember him?  The world’s first computer generated TV host, he’d give POD a run for her money.  Competition ratcheted up – the ‘cyber wars’ of Pepsi Stuff and Coke Rewards schemes, snappy catchphrases: ‘The Joy of Cola’, ‘Just for the Taste Of It’, ‘Where There’s a Wave, There’s a Coke’, ‘The Pepsi Generation’, innovations such as NutraSweet, campaigns such as Cola in Space and, that most heinous of war crimes: Clear Cola.  Crystal Pepsi anyone?

Eventually Diet Coke surpassed Pepsi’s (and now Coke’s) sales and all the silliness fizzed out.  Well, sort of.  But, those hot blooded Latinos are not so ready to let go of a grudge.  In Peru, at this very moment, the Kola Wars are bubbling away.  Move over all you colas, Inca Kola’s coming through!

Inca Kola

Zeroing In

Kola Inglesa

Peru Cola

Make sure you click on the links throughout the post if you want to watch some amusing Cola commercials.

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