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Vintage Week – Vintaged Bar + Grill for Breakfast

This week it’s about all things Vintage.  Once upon a time we talked about antiques, about things being old fashioned or retro.  Shabby Chic is out and Vintage is in.  Here’s a week in the life of TIFFIN’s Vintage Brisbane.

Today we visit a haunt from my youth.  At the time, I thought it was the creme de la creme of decadence.

The soaring atrium….

Last year I visited the Hilton in Brisbane to try their express lunch deal.  I had been invited as a media guest but in the ensuing past 12 months, have continued to return of my own volition because of the good quality food, service and value of the express lunch.  This time around it’s a visit* for breakfast at Vintaged Bar + Grill.

As part of their refurb last year, the Hilton not only went for understated chic in their fit out, they also opted for simplicity in their general approach to dining.  The focus remains on quality of ingredients, preparation and service.  This extends to the breakfast table.  Gone is the enormous breakfast buffet, groaning under far too much food and a ridiculous amount of choices that meant huge amounts of wastage as diners tried to have it all.  Not only does this reduction in waste improve Vintaged’s bottom line, it acknowledges that diners want to eat responsibly, with ethically sourced ingredients and local when possible.

Vintaged offers a restrained selection of self service items including a choice of proper whilegrain, sourdough and French breads, local yoghurts and seasonal fruits, a modest range of cakes and pastries and quality preserves and butter.  There are hot items including the usual bacon, egg and tomato combinations as well as some more unusual options such as Lyonnaise sausages and baked beans prepared from scratch.  In recognition of a changing market, congee has replaced miso in the Asian breakfast dishes as the focus shifts towards Chinese rather than the usual Japanese fare you see in larger hotels.  All of these are served in pretty pastel and earthy Le Creuset dishes, a rustic themed trend that resonates with diners.

Ala carte is also available, including many of the same dishes on offer in the buffet but plated to an individual portion.  I enjoyed the current winter special of Baked Beans & Lyonnaise Sausage w Poached Egg. Served in a cute copper pot, it was a filling breakfast for one.  The sausage in particular was full of flavour and stood out a mile as being a high quality, specialty sausage rather than your run-of-the-mill breakfast snag.  There are plenty of unusual options available such as sweetcorn fritters and Wagyu silverside hash if you’re looking for something a little different.

Once again, service was excellent, catering for unusual hot drink orders and specialty dietary requirements.  I was in an out in under an hour and if I hadn’t lingered on a second coffee, could have easily had breakfast in under 45 minutes.  Vintaged is a good option for a working breakfast too, with continental or full breakfast available and plenty of space to co-opt a large table for papers and lap tops.

*TIFFIN attended Vintaged Bar + Grill as a media guest of the Brisbane Hilton. 

Vintaged Bar + Grill
Hilton Hotel
Level 6 190 Elizabeth St
(entry also via lift from Queen St Mall) 
Brisbane   Qld   400 

Visited: Friday 5th July 2013 – Breakfast Service

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