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Local &/or General – Flour & Chocolate Patisserie

Local &/or General is the title of a song by The Models. Not when they were in their chart topping phase but earlier on, in their edgy, urban grit phase, prior to James Freud joining. It’s a song that’s always stuck in my mind and it seemed like an appropriate title for this occasional series of reviews about very local coffee shops that I can walk to from my house.  This one’s on the outer limits of ‘Local’ as it’s a 45 minute walk but trust me, you need to do every one of those minutes when you see what’s in store.

Flour & Chocolate is, like all good patisseries a very tiny shop full of delicious and tempting goodies.  People had raved about it and I knew it was close by but each time we drove past, I couldn’t spot it.  One Saturday morning I could take it no longer and went in search of deliciousness. There it was, tucked away in a set of nondescript modern shops between a dentist and physio.  It was like the scene from Seinfeld where Elaine & Jerry go to the bakery to buy the babka.  The place was jam packed with people making their choices and you had to hope that someone else wasn’t going to buy the last of something you had your eye on.  To be fair, there were several staff behind the very cramped counter and they were extremely efficient in their service so the wait was not too long.

Where to begin?  Because Flour & Chocolate is a bakery, there was a large range of crusty sourdough and ciabatta loaves to choose from.  They were heavy for size and made a pleasing hollow sound when you tapped them on the base. But we weren’t there for the bread (though I do grab a few rolls). We were there for the sweets and, so many to choose from.  I think the true test of a patisserie is the Almond Croissant – it needs to be flaky on the outside with a toothsome crunch and moist on the inside with good quality almond paste. Anthony was bedazzled by choice and the madding crowd so I selected for him – another classic, a fruit Danish. I chose raspberry and it was good to see discernible chunks of raspberry amongst the fruit sauce and custard.  Both fine choices and both polished off with a coffee quick smart.

The next visit was a weekday and it was just as busy.  It was Friday, which is Brownie day so I chose the special ‘Flourless Turkish Delight Brownie’ and, a Sweet Onion and Black Sesame Bagel.  I wouldn’t generally go for a brownie but as they had their own special day of baking dedicated to it, I thought I couldn’t go far wrong.  Moist, dense, rich and incredibly sweet, there was the expected rose flavour plus some small chewy pieces of Turkish Delight.  It was too much for me and at only $4 for a large brownie, you could easily split this four ways and share it amongst friends to enjoy it with.  If you aren’t keen on Turkish Delight, there were plenty of other flavours on offer including a Blondie.

Flour & Chocolate Turkish Delight Brownie

And so on to the bagel. WHAT. A. BAGEL! This bagel was so delicious, it deserved that capitalisation. Small, dense, chewy – just as a proper boiled and baked bagel should be. I had foolishly kept it back to share with Anthony. We split and toasted it with butter.  But the flavour….it indeed tasted of sweet onion and so more-ish.  I won’t be so generous when I next go back and I also won’t be so foolish as to buy only one.

Flour & Chocolate Sweet Onion Bagel

There’s plenty more to pick and choose from.  Pan Au Chocolate, petite little tartlets, Banoffee doughnuts, savoury tarts and the elusive Cronut which I’ve yet to meet as it’s baked on Thursdays.  As you read this, I’ll be traipsing back for some more of those bagels. If they don’t have the Sweet Onion, I’m sure they’ll have some equally delicious flavour.  Flour & Chocolate is takeaway only. They don’t sell coffee so the best thing to do is take your goodies home or sit in the gutter and elegantly devour them. I definitely think this one is worth the 45 minute walk!

Flour & Chocolate Patisserie
621 Wynnum Rd
Morningside  Qld  4170

Visited: Various days in August 2013

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  • Anonymous August 24, 2013, 10:36 pm

    "They don't sell coffee so the best thing to do is take your goodies home or sit in the gutter and elegantly devour them."

    Or go to Southside Tea Room a few doors down for a Dramanti Artisan Roasters coffee.

    • Fiona Bris-Vegas! August 25, 2013, 6:15 pm

      It's true that there a few good coffee shops close by but I think it's poor form to bring food from a bakery to another cafe, even if you are buying a coffee. If you're bold enough, the suggestion above may suit.

    • Anonymous August 25, 2013, 7:11 pm

      The guys at Southside are cool. They have no issue with this. I have shared a brownie with one of the staff there once and then they walked up on brownie day to get one for themselves and the other staff! LOL They are very chilled out and are happy to have you enjoy their coffee with a treat from up the road. 😉

  • Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things August 25, 2013, 8:06 am


  • Mel Kettle August 26, 2013, 11:58 am

    SO GLAD YOU MADE IT THERE FINALLY!!! How good are those bagels?? I buy them in lots of 12 – 6 onion and black sesame and 6 of something else – the cheese ones are another favourite. They freeze brilliantly so I can then have one for breakfast or lunch (sometimes both) smothered in cream cheese or avocado and a bit of smoked salmon. yummmmm 🙂

    • Fiona Bris-Vegas! August 27, 2013, 7:48 pm

      Yes, finally I made it there and yes, you were right. Those bagels are the bomb!

  • Daniela Sunde-Brown August 26, 2013, 7:51 pm

    Yum! This is a local favourite of mine too! Cronuts are great – you at least need to try them once. The sultana bagel is excellent. As is the olive and black pepper sourdough.

    Okay, it's all good!

    • Fiona Bris-Vegas! August 27, 2013, 7:49 pm

      Oh – don't tell me that! Now I have to make a plan to get there on Cronut day. Thanks for stopping by Daniela.

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