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Breakfast Sized Adventures – Bungalow 4171

After all of my bold promises about visiting cafes whilst we were on holidays, we barely visited any. Mainly due to the fact that every morning I kept saying ‘Look, I can make us a nice breakfast. We don’t need to spend that money – we just blew heaps on the house.’ The planner vs the realist. There is one place though that had long been on my list and I knew we only had a chance of getting a table if we went on a weekday. Bungalow 4171 in Hawthorne.

For those not in the know, Hawthorne has a great big hill in it and that’s where Bungalow 4171 is located. Not so much perched atop as sort on leaning down towards the river. Like many of the new wave of cafes, Bungalow 4171 resides in an old corner shop. The decor looks planned rather than thrown together and this adds to the charm. It’s the usual eclectic mix of old and new with pressed metal, VJs and very comfy looking Adirondack chairs on the footpath. There’s some glamorous yet ironic flocked wallpaper lining one wall that I know would have cost a bomb, having recently re-visited the world of wallpaper myself. Large windows flood the room with light though it was a tad stuffy on the day we visited. 4171 refers to the postcode.

green eggs scrambled egg with spinach on a bagel; interior and exterior of bungalow 4171 cafe

Table service is rare in breakfast establishments these days so it made a pleasant change to be greeted, seated and have drink orders taken whilst we perused the menu. Once again eschewing the standard poached eggs or ‘eggs benny’ (though I love them), I opted for a Green Eggs & Bacon Breakfast Bagel w Spiced Pepper & Tomato Chutney ($13). Of course, what I really wanted were the Buttermilk Hotcakes w Lemon Curd but resisted as I knew my breakfast would also serve as lunch so thought some protein was a better idea. I was suspicious that the eggs would be made green with the assistance of pesto, not a fave, so was pleased to learn that fresh spinach was the greening agent. As you can see, a very hearty serve that was too much for me. I must confess that I still eyed off the other meal when it arrived.

hot smoked salmon with horseradish cream and a poached egg

Hot Smoked Salmon w Horseradish Cream

Anthony was also after something different and after an unfortunate breakfast incident with smoked salmon in Bali – it wasn’t salmon but raw tuna – he too interrogated the waiter as to the exact nature of the Hot Smoked Salmon w Horseradish Cream ($19). Whilst it should always be the case that staff have an intimate knowledge of the menu and how it’s prepared, we know that this is often not so. Happily, our waiter knew the menu and was able to field the questions. The hot smoked salmon came piled on a piece of dark rye toast with a ghostly poached egg. A wedge of lemon was a great addition, to add an additional tang to the already zingy dish, as a result of the horseradish cream. A deceptively simple meal but with that smoky flavour, very moreish.

Bungalow 4171 started life as a breakfast joint and has grown into a full restaurant with a dinner and tapas menu. A testament to good food and service. It’s a busy venue with not much space between you and your neighbour so perhaps not the place for a romantic proposal. Fine though for a casual meal or to catch up with friends.

Visited: Wednesday 23rd March 2016 – mid morning breakfast service

Bungalow 4171
1/134 Hawthorne Rd
Hawthorne  Qld  4171

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  • Sherry m April 19, 2016, 7:25 pm

    I like the look of that hot smoked salmon. Yummo. We have driven past that cafe quite often and I thought it looked interesting Will have to give it a go soon. Are the orange borders on your photos a new thing? I like them 🙂

    • Fiona Ryan April 19, 2016, 9:56 pm

      They have a good looking menu Sherry but it’s small so it may take a few goes. The borders come up when I put a caption on. I’ve always had them but only do captions ocassionally.

  • Elizabeth April 19, 2016, 8:43 pm

    Great timing, I am off the Hawthorn tomorrow to find a shoe store… You see I have big feet! Very big feet! Size 12 and all the shop that use to be in Brisbane are gone a friend told me about “the shoe garden” in Hawthorn for ladies with a large grip on Australia!!! So YAY! Now I have lunch sorted as well! I hope the coffee is good as y didn’t mention the coffee??? Liz xx

    • Fiona Ryan April 19, 2016, 9:56 pm

      The coffee is Genovese and yes, I didn’t mind it at all. Good luck on your quest!

  • Pamela Hayward April 20, 2016, 1:04 pm

    I am looking forward to trying this place when I am next in Brisbane…well Hawthorne really looking at real estate! There are some lovely gems in the area..can’t believe I have missed this one. Thanks for the recommendation

    • Fiona Ryan April 25, 2016, 11:28 am

      You could blink and miss this one. Sounds like your zeroing in on a location. I’m in Camp Hill – close by and lots of character properties. You should swing by.

  • Tandy | Lavender and Lime April 20, 2016, 2:03 pm

    I think it’s imperative that wait staff know the menu. Looks like this was one breakfast worth going out for 😀

    • Fiona Ryan April 25, 2016, 11:29 am

      Absolutely Tandy – it’s pretty hard to get a bad meal in Brisbane so it’s service that makes or breaks places.

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