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Tiffin HQ is Hacked Off

What a challenging week it’s been at Tiffin HQ. My blog came under mutiples attacks from hackers, who hijacked the site, locked me out and put re-diverts onto spam sites. Even after a lot of work and additional security in place, I can see that today, some ne’er-do-well registered themselves as an administrator. There’s still more work to do to bring it back to its old self. I’m hacked off. Don’t these pirates have anything better to do?

Thanks to Kylie at Duosista for doing a great job of fixing and patching and wresting control back. I highly recommend Kylie for graphic design (my logo was done by her) and general services to stranded bloggers. She has a no nonsense approach to sorting things out and excellent client service!

I feel the need for a cocktail and a holiday in a tropical destination.

gin cocktail with mint, cucumber and elderflower
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