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Visit Reverse Garbage – Reduce Your Footprint

Eons ago, I visited Reverse Garbage when it was in West End. We headed there to buy some bits and bobs to make costumes for the kids for my fancy dress 40th party. I hadn’t really had cause to re-visit, but a recent return reminded me what an amazing resource this business is.

sign on a white board saying fill a bag

The concept behind Reverse Garbage is simple. To stop items from heading towards landfill and give them a second or third life. A large proportion of items are manufacturing discards with an eclectic mix of donated items that are no longer required. On the day we visited, there were dozens of banners and flags from a recent food festival.

large blue hatbox filled with black ribbons and small drawers of electronic compontns

Visiting the warehouse will fire your imagination. It is a one stop shop for teachers and local artists and should most definitely be your first stop when you need to organise or decorate for a party. There is everything from old props and decorations, excess cups and all manner of shiny, glittery things. There are fabric offcuts, padding, foam, beads, buttons and more. Anyone who can’t pull together a fancy-dress outfit from what’s on offer, just isn’t trying.

barrel filled with plastic coffin handles and shelf piled with hessian coffee sacks
Coffin handles anyone?
barrels filled with wooden downling and picture frames pieces, brightly coloured fabric scraps and shiny plastic cutouts

There’s also a wide array of salvaged hardware and building materials. Picture framing offcuts, dowel, screws and bolts of all sizes. Our most recent visit was in search of replacing a very small louvre in our bathroom. We needed something that was slightly flexible, to fit into the existing tight frame. Some hunting around in the plastic offcuts produced an excellent find of a length of clear acrylic that we could cut with a hacksaw. It was less than $2 and perfect for our needs.

pieces of rectangular white acrylic stacked together
This acrylic was a perfect replacement for a broken louvre…

It’s Addictive!

Be Warned! Visiting Reverse Garbage is like visiting the $2 shop or Daiso. It’s very, very easy to buy a bag full of things that you didn’t know you wanted or needed until you saw them. If you don’t want your spare room to look like an outpost of Reverse Garbage, you should only go when you have an explicit purpose. I only visit when I am looking for a specific item and only then take the chance to have a wider browse.

woodens bins filled with brightly coloured plastic bangles
For all your fashion needs…

Reverse Garbage Queensland is now located in the industrial back blocks of Woolloongabba, just near Dutton Park station. Check the website for details and follow on Facebook for up to date posts on new stock that has arrived.

Reverse Garbage Qld – www.reversegarbageqld.com.au/
Reverse Garbage on Facebook – www.facebook.com/reversegarbageqld/

I will never visit Bunnings again without a trip to Reverse Garbage first.

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  • Mackay Sherry February 9, 2019, 9:55 pm

    Yes we’ve been there. It’s a very interesting place!

    • Fiona Ryan February 16, 2019, 10:28 am

      I can’t stay away. Very dangerous! Certainly not a place for for minimalists.

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