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A Visit to Vessel Nundah – Plastic Free July

It’s Plastic Free July, which is about raising awareness of single use plastics and asking everyone to make small changes in their relationship with plastic. If you follow Tiffin on Facebook (and please do, if you don’t already), you may have seen that I headed waaaayyyy over to the other side of town a couple of weeks ago to visit Vessel Nundah. Vessel is a shop where you can BYO container when you need to buy personal and household cleaning products. Let’s take a quick tour.

Vessel Nundah is a tiny little shop filling a big gap. Marion has sourced good quality personal care and cleaning products which you can buy in small quantities or in bulk. You just need to bring along your own clean, dry containers. By bringing your own containers, you are limiting the amount of plastic that is going into landfill.

large plastic containers with taps filled with cleaning products stacked onto shelves at Vessel Nundah

Don’t be too worried if you don’t have standard containers. I bought extra washing powder for a friend and had it scooped into a clean zip lock bag that had previously contained grated cheese. Takeaway containers also make good options. An old sauce bottle holds detergent perfectly. I’m sure you see where I’m going here. In the end, if you need a container, Vessel Nundah will sell you one for a few dollars but the point is to use the containers you already have and keep plastic out of landfill.

three plastic bottles with cleaning products sitting on a bench with inside
Tiffin’s purchases – refilled in to well known brand name bottles

Dollar for dollar, many of Vessel’s products are the same price and sometimes cheaper than supermarket versions. The dishwasher powder smells much nicer than the leading brand we used to buy. I can now continue to use the same container for the powder, instead of buying a new one each time. The body wash is Palm Oil Free so I’m VERY happy about that.

bars of soap in a basket at Vessel Nundah

There’s not a lot of shampooing that goes on at our house but if you’re a frequent consumer, there are liquid and bar options. There are also other little purchase you can make for a few dollars. Handmade makeup and face scrubbies and indoor plants make great gifts. There’s even worm tea but that’s probably better for the garden than a gift.

knitted face scrubbers in a basket at vessel nundah
small and medium potted plants sitting on a shelf outside vessel nundah

When I say Vessel is tiny, here’s a quick video Marion made of everything contained in her perfect little shop.

It’s not hard to make a difference. Even if you only swap out one of two items, that one or two plastic containers that are being reused. You’re also helping to support a great community minded local business.

Subscribe to Vessel’s newsletter so you can find out about new products as well as pop up shops at events and festivals.

Vessel Nundah
1 Nundah St, Nundah Qld 4012

Plastic Free July
Read more about this worldwide initiative that started in Australia!

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  • bitemebypamtree July 4, 2019, 1:18 pm

    Great idea! My town is pretty green that way. We have ‘ boomerang bags’ at our farmers market an the local fruit and veg shop. Even where I buy my bread (local bakery with the best sourgough) one is encouraged to bring your own container for bread, rolls and other bakery items. One small change for humanity…..50 years since the moon landing!

    • Fiona Ryan July 14, 2019, 3:47 pm

      You have so many wonderful events and photos you are always sharing so we’ve added your town to our list of places to visit in Aus. Every little bit counts!

  • sherry July 5, 2019, 12:48 pm

    this is great to know fiona. nundah is very close to us here at chez pickings. i must go check it out. have you tried shampoo bars? i wonder what they’re like? thanks for the info. cheers S

    • Fiona Ryan July 14, 2019, 3:50 pm

      Not much shampooing happens in out house – Mr Tiffin has no hair and I have a short crop. My friend uses shampoo bars all the time. She has long, glossy hair and it smells and looks wonderful. The brand she uses is Ethique, which is a NZ brand, available around town (but perhaps not at Vessel).

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