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More Ideas for Donating with Purpose – Reduce Your Footprint

I have written a number of posts now about ways you can Reduce Your Footprint around the home. One way is to focus on ‘Donating with Purpose’. To give your unwanted items to those who truly need them rather than just dumping them on an op shop or thrift store that has been inundated with goods. Read more about charities, not for profits and community businesses who may be able to use your ‘stuff’: Donating with Purpose.

four women volunteers pack parcels for the red cross to be sent to sick and wounded service men and women during world war two
Donating With Purpose

There are still Op Shops that need your items

Amazingly, there are actually op shops who are still in need of your donations. They are op shops in remote communities where it’s hard to come by donated goods. Sure, you’ll need to pay for postage but if you can afford to give your stuff away, you can probably afford the postage. In some instances, there may be local drop off points.

Imagine the difference your donated goods can make for those who need them. These remote indigenous communities are not near department stores, where household items and clothing can be easily replaced. For example, Urapunga is over 8 hours drive from Darwin. And that’s if you have a car. These op shops generally let you know what they are most after, be it kids clothes or warm blankets or other items. It’s important that you donate clean items in good condition. Here are a few remote op shops who want your donations.

Nulpurr Op Shop – Urapunga
Atten: Margaret Duncan
PMB 202
Via Katherine
Urapunga NT 0852

two pairs of running shoes for donating with purpose

This op shop is after all bed linen, towels and curtains. Kids and baby clothes, skirts, t-shirts, men’s shorts and pants and lightweight closed in shoes (sandshoes and runners are ideal – leather is no good) are also welcome.

Nulpurr Op Shop

Balgo Community – WA
Remote Opshop Project
Unit 4/3 Eden Ave
Coolangatta QLD 4225

Donations of white items of clothing made from natural fibers – cotton, linen, hemp, silk. It’s very hot so light fabric only, longer styles with sleeves preferred. Women, girls and kids clothes all welcome.

pink and white skirt with pinkl belt purchased from an op shop

Jilkminggan OP Shop – Northern Territory
PO Box
Katherine NT 0851

Most needed are sheets and towels, babies clothing and fabric. They are also after jumpers, kids shoes, men’s jeans and football boots.

Jilkminggan Op Shop or visit them on Facebook.

If you are interested in finding out where op shops in remote Australia are located or want to find out more about what they need, visit the Remote Op Shop Project: www.remoteopshopproject.org or visit them on Facebook.

You can reduce your footprint in other ways too. Reduce food waste by making tasty ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ recipes and snacks; ‘Make Your Own’ beauty products; and, be ‘Responsible in Your Gift Giving’. Recipes, How Tos and ideas here: Reduce Your Footprint

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