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Open to All!

Welcome Hola Bonjour
It’s a big wide world out there and we are determined to traverse it. From glittering cities to tiny outposts, fiery deserts to frozen carparks. River deep, mountain high. We have been there and done that. And now there’s a chance to share your adventures, amusing anecdotes, quiet reflections and travel disasters with fellow writers and readers.

The A – Z Guidebook Travel Link Up is a monthly get together where we’ll navigate the alphabet, giving you an opportunity to talk about the one special place and photo that best represents the nominated letter of the month. The letter you write about doesn’t need to be an overseas destination. It could be a city, state, region, country or even a suburb or street in your own town. Let your imagination and travel budget run wild!

Below is your guidebook so you know what to do and when to do it. If you decide to join in, please take time to visit some of the other blogs and writers who are participating. It’s good to share the love and visiting will provide inspiration for your travel bucket list.

So pack your bags, grab your compass and start writing!

A-Z Guidebook Instructions
(open 15th – 22nd of each month)

  • Each month there will be a new letter of the alphabet. The list is below. Your job is to write a post about a location you’ve visited that starts with the letter of the month. Eg: if the letter is ‘C’, you may want to write a post about Canada, Coober Pedy, Copenhagen, Creek St, Carnarvon National Park or the Carpark at Mt Rushmore.
  • Some letters may pose some difficulty. Get those travel diaries out and start thinking laterally. To help those who want to join in but may not have a destination to write about, an alternate theme has been included each month. You can write about the letter or the theme but is must be travel related.
  • Use 1 photo only that you think best represents the place you are writing about. This will be a real challenge for some of us but by sticking to 1 photo you are choosing the one that distils the essence of the location.
  • Try to keep your post short & sweet – aim for 500 words or under rather than a 2000 word epic. Longer posts are accepted but the aim is to have your picture fill in the gaps.
  • Grab the A-Z Travel Guidebook badge code below and add it to your own post (add it to the html or text page of your blog). Please also add a link back to this blog: tiffinbitesized.com.au
  • On the 15th of every month, the link will open for 7 days, closing 22nd at 11.55pm Brisbane time (Australian EST UTC +10:00). Enter your name (or blog name), title of your post & URL in the link section at the bottom of my monthly A-Z post.
  • At the end of the monthly link up, your 1 photo will be pinned to the A-Z Travel Link Up Pinterest Board with proper attribution to your website. Please let me know via the contact button if you don’t want your photo to be pinned.
  • The official hashtag is #AZGuidebook
  • Commercial posts, advertorials and obvious product and services placements will be removed.

Grab This Badge Code for Your Post

TIFFIN - bite sized food adventures -
Guidebook Letter Dates Alternate Theme See My Post & Who Joined
A Mon 15th – Mon 22nd Jun 2015 Airport Aosta
B Wed 15th – Wed 22nd July2015 Baggage  Brooklyn Bridge
C Sat 15th – Sat 22nd Aug 2015 Custom  Croatia
D Tue 15th – Tue 22nd Sep 2015 Drive  Damascus
E Thu 15th – Thu 22nd Oct 2015 Elegant  Essaouira
F Sun 15th – Sun 22nd Nov 2015 Fast  Florida Everglades
G Tue 15th – Tue 22nd Dec 2015 Giving  (Old) Government House
H Friday 15th – Fri 22nd Jan 2016 Holiday  Hungary
I Mon 15th Feb – Mon 22nd Feb 2016 Indigenous  Issigeac
J Tue 15th Mar – Tue 22nd Mar 2016 Jumble  Jordan
K Fri 15th Apr – Fri 22nd Apr 2016 Kind  Kenya
L Sun 15th May – Sun 22nd May 2016 Lake  Leeuwin-Naturaliste NP
M Wed 15th Jun – Wed 22nd Jun 2016 Mountain  Madres de Plaza de Mayo
N Fri 15th Jul – Fri 22nd Jul 2016 Night  Newcastle
O Mon 15th Aug – Mon 22nd Aug 2016 OTT (Over The Top)  OTT in Cusco
P Thu 15th Sep – Thu 22nd Sep 2016 Purple  Palmyra
Q Sat 15th Oct – Sat 22nd Oct 2016 Quiet  Old Qld Museum
R Tue 15th Nov – Tue 22nd Nov 2016 River  Reykjavik
S Thu 15th Dec – Thu 22nd Dec 2016 Surprise  Switzerland
T Sun 15th Jan – Sun 22nd Jan 2017 Train  Turkey
U Wed 15th Feb – Wed 22nd Feb 2017 Umbrella  Union Station
V Wed 15th Mar – Wed 22nd Mar 2017 Variety  Victoria Bridge
W Sat 15th Apr – Sat 22nd Apr 2017 Wander  Wadi Rum
X Mon 15th May – Mon 22nd May 2017 eXcitement
Y Thu 15th Jun – Thu 22nd Jun 2017 Youth
Z Sat 15th Jul – Sat 22nd Jul 2017 Zoom


  • You can join this link up at any part of the alphabet. If you weren’t around for A, that’s OK. Just join in from this month and letter.
  • This is not a photographic or writing competition – it’s a chance to join in and meet some new bloggers. I’m not a great photographer. Point and shoot is my motto!
  • Once you have added the badge and published your post, enter the URL to the Inlinkz box at the bottom of my monthly post. If you haven’t added a link back to TIFFIN, the link won’t load.
  • Email me at any time via the contact page if you have questions and feel free to invite others to join in!

Thanks to My Cool Realm for the ‘Grab My Button’ code generator.

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