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Some years ago, my  mum recorded in my baby book that Fiona was ‘enthusiastic about chocolate blancmange but isn’t keen on strained carrots’. Nothing much has changed. When I’m not pushing carrots to the side of the plate or picking out capsicum, I’m eyeing off what’s on the dessert menu.

In my other life, I’m a Project Manager in the service of out great nation’s public. This funds my travels and the chance to spend stupid sums of money on meals and cooking equipment that I was sure I needed at the time. My blog ‘TIFFIN’, traces my bite sized food and travel adventures and gives me an opportunity to connect with people all over the world.

My partner in travel and eating is my husband Anthony or, as he has been dubbed, Mr Tiffin. Between us we have racked up enough air miles and selfies in front of historic monuments to put the most seasoned traveller to shame but in the end, there’s no place like home. Still, the story of eating crisp guinea pig in Salta, Peru is something we shall dine out on for a while to come. When we travel, I always make time to visit local markets, specialty shops and to hunt out dishes and treats that have been recommended to me. I don’t mind a massage or a cocktail on the beach either.

Fiona & Anthony at Machu Picchu, Peru

Fiona & Anthony at Machu Picchu, Peru

Little food, big food, cooking, eating adventures, travels far & wide. A Brisbane food fan writes about what she enjoys (and doesn’t).

What Exactly Is a TIFFIN?
The word tiffin means different things to different people. Most think of it as a metal lunch box that is used in India on a daily basis. Collected by the Dabbawala or Tiffin Man, they are delivered throughout the city of Mumbai to hungry office workers who are waiting for their hot homemade lunches. You can read more about tiffinboxes and what’s inside them in my post: The Lunchbox & Gujarati Potatoes.

Tiffins front & centre at QAGOMA's #Harvest Exhibition

Tiffins front & centre at QAGOMA’s #Harvest Exhibition

Tiffin has other meanings too. It’s an English term for second breakfast or any light meal. There are strong ties to colonial India with afternoon tea being referred to as Tiffin. ‘I say Mungo, shall we have a spot of Tiffin?’. Tiffin is derived from obsolete English slang ‘tiffing‘, or ‘taking a little sip or a drink’. Only recently I met someone from the UK who told me that they had a version of Eton Mess at school which they called ‘Tiffin’. He hadn’t even heard of the other uses for the word.

So, as you can see, a tiffin can be many things to many people. To me it’s about bite sized food and adventures.

You can contact me via the contact button above or at tiffinbitesized(at)yahoo.com if you have any questions about me or my blog.

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