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In The Tiffin Box VII + How To Make Coffee Salt Scrub

Welcome to the first ‘In The Tiffin Box’ for the year. There’s just so much happening and the days are already flying past, here’s what’s I’ve squeezed in to my busy weekends and days off. Queensland Faces As always, there are a myriad of activities happening in the Queensland cultural precinct in South Brisbane and most… Read more

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In My Kitchen… January 2016

New Year. New IMK Host. New Kitchen. Yes, finally I have my new kitchen. It was touch and go in the days leading up to Christmas but I’m not a Project Manager for nothing. Thanks to everyone who held their breath, stuck their tongue out and crossed their fingers that it would be ready in… Read more

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And so this is Christmas… and my last post for the year. Usually I do the year in review but it is just far too hectic as TIFFIN central with a new kitchen imminent, cramped conditions and only one computer to share between the two of us. So instead, I thought I’d get your sugar frenzy… Read more

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Festive Menu Ideas – It’s Not Too Late!

Christmas is coming, The goose is getting fat.  I need to create a menu, But can’t be bothered with that… I’m sure that’s how that old Christmas rhyme goes. Doesn’t it? Well maybe not. Christmas is coming though, there’s no two ways about it. It’s absolutely rushing towards us. You may well be organised and know… Read more

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In My Kitchen… December 2015

December is here. Yep. Reading this post if proof of that. I’m in the weird twilight world of thinking about Christmas cooking but as yet unable to make it a reality. We are supposed to be hosting Christmas this year and whilst I’m optimistic that our renovation will be done by then, until the last… Read more

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Festive Gift Ideas – It’s Not Too Late!

On the first day of Christmas My true love sent to me A jar of apple chutney… Christmas is getting scarily close but it’s not too late to cook and share some Christmas cheer with family, friends and work mates (except that one work colleague who thinks bought is better than made. They’re getting a box of… Read more

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In The Tiffin Box VI

There’s no cooking going on in my kitchen at present but that doesn’t mean there’s not lots of other things happening in the world of TIFFIN. Let’s take a look inside Tiffin Box. Ladies In Black If there’s one thing I love more than theatre, it’s musical theatre. Starting on November 28 for a short run at… Read more

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In My Makeshift Kitchen … November 2015

Here I am, back for another In My Kitchen hosted by ever baking friend Celia, from Fig Jam & Lime Cordial. Unfortunately, my kitchen doesn’t exist this month. It is now history. Kicked the bucket. It is an ex-kitchen! The long awaited renovation has started which means I am left without a kitchen as we live in… Read more

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What I Learned At Eat Drink Blog 2015

Last weekend I went to the food and lifestyle blogger’s conference, Eat Drink Blog. Last year I was on the organising committee and what a blur that weekend was. Twelve months on and I could enjoy myself at the conference. This year it was held in Canberra, a city I know very well. Though this was… Read more

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In My (salty) Kitchen … October 2015

Do you ever visit the kitchens of other bloggers who participate in In My Kitchen, hosted by Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial? If you do, it would not have escaped your attention that many of the IMKers are also partial to a bit of travel. And with travel comes great responsibility. The responsibility… Read more

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Vale David Fyfe

Yesterday, a group of family, friends and colleagues said farewell to David Fyfe, who passed away last week. It was an afternoon filled with laughter, tears and toasts. David was many things to many people. To me he was someone who wrote postcards to his friends ‘just because’, knew his way around a vintage bike… Read more

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In The Tiffin Box V

Lots to catch up on as always, so it’s time for a roundup. The Roll Shop Bahn Mi Rolls. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Since returning to the Big Smoke for work, there haven’t been too many lunches coming along in the Tiffin Box. Instead, I’ve been having a grand… Read more

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In My Kitchen… September 2015

Spring has sprung and it’s about time! Whilst it hasn’t been a very cold winter in Brisbane, we had two extra chilly weeks to make up for the rest of the season and they was quite enough thanks very much. As things warm up, salads have already started appearing on the menu and will be… Read more

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In The Tiffin Box IV

There’s never a dull moment at TIFFIN HQ. The past few weeks have been very busy between extra travel with work, preparation for the renovation and Good Food Month events. The busier things get, the more I feel the need to write and cook as a creative outlet. Here’s a few things that would have… Read more

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In My Kitchen… August 2015

After a few freezing weeks by Brisbane standards, normal transmission has resumed with highs in the low 20’s. Just how we like it. August in Brisbane means the Exhibition or ‘the Ekka‘. The Ekka is the Royal Queensland Show, running across 2 weeks. It is like a State Fair with plenty of agricultural displays, animal shows… Read more

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In My Kitchen… July 2015

There are no spurtles in my kitchen this month. Who would have thought that a simple wooden stick would have had such an effect? But it did. Nearly every person who visited my June IMK, hosted by Celia from Fig Jam & Lime Cordial made a comment about it. They had heard of it (or… Read more

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In My Kitchen… June (yes June!) 2015

The title of the post says it all really. Just as I was about to start writing this, I saw a cheeky tweet from New York Magazine about what Netflix will have on offer at Christmas. Christmas!? We’re not quite at that end of the year yet but some television producer is on to it… Read more

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In My Kitchen… May 2015

May. It’s here. It’s the last month of autumn and things should be cooling down. Should be. I love a warm climate but seriously? 28c? I know those in southern climes are shivering in their boots so I should hardly be complaining but I wouldn’t mind just a little chill in the air. Before we jump… Read more

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ANZAC Day 2015

It is 100 years today since the Dardanelles campaign, when Australian and New Zealand forces landed on the beaches at Gallipoli (Gellibolou). Lest We Forget… Read more

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In My Kitchen… April 2015

Well here we are at the start of April and what do you know? It’s Easter! This particular April also marks a very special anniversary for Australians, New Zealanders and Turks. On April 25th it will have been 100 years since the ANZACS landed on the shores of Gallipoli or Gellibolu in a campaign that… Read more

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