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Mulberry Smash Cocktail

I was unbelievably excited when I visited a farmers’ market the other day and saw punnets of mulberries. They have such a short season, it’s just not something you see. I snapped up two punnets. Those little purple babies were burning a hole in my pocket as I rushed home to try them. How would… Read more

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Bloody Marmalade Vodka & Sicilian Mule Cocktail

And still the blood orange recipes keep coming. This is the last one, for this year anyway. Some time ago I was gifted a whole case of blood oranges by Redbelly Citrus, purveyors of fine Australian Blood Oranges. Over the ensuing weeks, I made a variety of recipes as well as just enjoying them in… Read more

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Through The Barricades – #Gin20 Cocktail

I returned from a holiday in the US to sniffer dogs, soaring temperatures and a city in lockdown. The G20 is on this weekend in Brisbane, which means lots of fences and checkpoints, a massive police presence, disrupted public transport and an opportunity for the British PM to show up Australia’s Prime Minister by Acknowledging Country in… Read more

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Strawberry & Rosemary Shrub

‘Would you like a Rum & Shrub?’ Aunty Marjorie enquired. ‘A Rum & What?’ I said. ‘A Rum & Shrub’ ‘What’s a shrub?’ I asked. ‘A shrub is well….a shrub…a drink.’  ‘I’ve never heard of it. Is it a shrub and you add rum or is it an all in one?’ ‘It’s a shrub’ she… Read more

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Just Peachy

Happy New Year!  Hasn’t the stone fruit been great this Summer? An excellent growing season has meant bumper crops and low prices. The cherries have been the best I’ve had in at least half a dozen years and my favourite, nectarines, have been great. Although I also enjoy peaches, they can be a bit hit… Read more

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Well, I drank it of course! With the help of Anthony and my brother Sean whilst we were staying in Bremgarten bei Bern in Switzerland.  I adapted a cocktail I tried in Chester and re-christened it. Swiss Gin Blush Use 1 part sloe gin* and top up with lemon squash. Lime wedge optional.  Delicious! *Do… Read more

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Sloe Gin – Don’t Mind If I Do!

What do you do when the days start to shorten and there are many long winter nights ahead of you? Brew your own booze of course! Some may recall from earlier posts that in visiting a variety of National Trust properties, I was able to try locally grown farm shop produce as well as collect… Read more

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