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Reduce Your Footprint

Responsible Gift Giving – Reduce Your Footprint

This back end of the year is crowded with birthdays and Christmas. For many years, I have asked people not to give me gifts. If people insist, I ask them to donate what they would have spent, to the Leukemia Foundation. It’s the ultimate responsible gift giving. I understand though, that there are plenty people… >> Read more

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It’s In The Bag – Reduce Your Footprint

As I spread out items to fill the handbags I was donating to Share The Dignity’s ‘It’s In The Bag’ campaign, I had a sudden flashback. If you are of *ahem* a certain age, you may recall the ads for Glomesh with the tagline ‘You can tell a lot about Paula Duncan… by what’s in… >> Read more

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So. Much. Stuff. Before we went away for 18 months in 2009, I put a rule in place in our house. ‘For every thing you bring in, you need to take a thing out’. It was part of a strategy to reduce the excess ‘things’ we owned. It worked pretty well and helped to make… >> Read more

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The Last Straw – Reduce Your Footprint

Each summer, smoothie production ramps up at our house.  No particular recipe – just fruit and either yoghurt or milk or maybe some juice, mixed in the blender with ice (if we have it).  We often have one mid morning on a Saturday instead of morning tea. The problem with smoothies is that they’re not… >> Read more

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