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closeup of mexican grasshopper or chapulines being sold with salt and lime

My first encounter with edible grasshoppers was in NYC in 2014, when we visited a modern Mexican restaurant called ‘The Black Ant’.  They had been fried and ground to a powder as a coating for prawns. Delicious but not really discernible as grasshopper or any other insect. A visit to Mexico gave me the opportunity… >> Read more

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two bottles of vincotto

Bam! That month just flew by. I’m back blogging but haven’t returned to my regular routine yet. Still, IMK keeps me honest. Last month I shared some of the things I bought in the US and Mexico. Upon our return, we went for our regular holiday to the Barossa Vintage Festival and followed it up… >> Read more

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dish of celery top pesto and crackers

We’ve been on holidays for a couple of months, travelling far and wide. I’ve eaten some wonderful meals and tried lots of new dishes but I didn’t do any cooking. Gosh, how I’ve missed it. So now that we’re back home, it’s time to get back into the kitchen. It’s also time to pull our horns… >> Read more

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vendor selling elote and esquites street corn in Mexico

If you’ve watched any amount of food television, you’ve probably heard people talking about ‘Mexican Street Corn’. I spent a lot of time in the streets, squares and parks of Mexico but couldn’t find street corn for love nor money. That is, until I visited the Bosque de Chapultepec in Mexico City. It was on a… >> Read more

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holubtsi cabbage rolls

Regular readers will know that a large group of us hold a Eurovision Party every year. New readers are probably wondering ‘why?’. The easy answer is ‘why not?’. It’s a chance to get together, celebrate all that is good, bad and ridiculous about the song competition as well as enjoy the food of the host country… >> Read more

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Children full of excitement run down the path to greet visitors in Nakuru, Kenya

Welcome to the A-Z Guidebook Link Up. If you would like to join, read the A-Z Guidebook tab at the top of the blog and write a travel post relating to the letter of the month. *For the first time during our journey through the Guidebook, I am using the alternate theme. I thought I may… >> Read more

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old wood sign advertising Gaspachos Morelianos

Whilst I was researching our holiday to Mexico, I watched a lot of Pati Jinich’s ‘My Mexican Table’. In one episode, Pati visits Morelia in the state of Michoacan and enjoys the local specialty of Gaspacho. If it’s good enough for Pati, it’s good enough for me. So, in the same way that we ended… >> Read more

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