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Atelier for Lunch

A plan had been made to visit Brisbane mainstay Montrachet, in its new digs in Bowen Hills. Unfortunately, we had not banked on it being so busy in the lead up to Christmas, and couldn’t get a booking. This is how we found ourselves at Atelier for a Friday lunch. Atelier is a newish opening… Read more

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Amaretti Biscuits for Christmas

tray of amaretti biscuits with almonds and amaretto liqueur in the background

It’s a very low key Christmas at Tiffin HQ. Some of this is because we have been travelling quite a lot and some of this is because we have chosen to simplify our approach to Christmas. We are aiming for quality, not quantity. We still enjoy delicious Christmas foods and sharing home made gifts, which is… Read more

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otto branded wineglass sitting in front of table lighting

Mr Tiffin finally made it to 50. The baby of the group, there is always a drawn out wait until he leaps the hurdle of a milestone birthday. Meanwhile, some in the group are powering on to the next one. To mark this significant occasion, four of us had a slap up meal at OTTO… Read more

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In My Kitchen… December 2018

brightly coloured 4 tier tiffin box

What a month I’ve had! My website was hijacked by hackers who did their darndest to lock me out. Thankfully, I had the assistance of a very good developer who was able to get on top of things and put further protections in place. Of course, it had to happen only three days before I… Read more

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bowl of eggplant pieces with tahini sauce and mint scattered on top

I love eggplants (aubergines) and have written about them a lot. They are versatile and adaptable, featuring in the cuisines of many cultures. We have an eggplant bush in our garden that’s had a crazy growth spurt. This recipe for a warm Middle Eastern Eggplant Salad is a quick way to deal with an unexpected… Read more

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young boys weave baskets as part of responsible gift giving

This back end of the year is crowded with birthdays and Christmas. For many years, I have asked people not to give me gifts. If people insist, I ask them to donate what they would have spent, to the Leukemia Foundation. It’s the ultimate responsible gift giving. I understand though, that there are plenty people… Read more

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Tiffin HQ is Hacked Off

gin cocktail with mint, cucumber and elderflower

What a challenging week it’s been at Tiffin HQ. My blog came under mutiples attacks from hackers, who hijacked the site, locked me out and put re-diverts onto spam sites. Even after a lot of work and additional security in place, I can see that today, some ne’er-do-well registered themselves as an administrator. There’s still… Read more

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