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two women in hats and gloves count money into a handbag

As I spread out items to fill the handbags I was donating to Share The Dignity’s ‘It’s In The Bag’ campaign, I had a sudden flashback. If you are of *ahem* a certain age, you may recall the ads for Glomesh with the tagline ‘You can tell a lot about Paula Duncan… by what’s in… Read more

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In My Kitchen… November 2018

vibrant green herbs sitting on a kitchen bench

This November is a busy month in at Tiffin HQ. There are a couple of birthdays, including a milestone birthday for Mr Tiffin and a holiday in store. I know, I know… I just came back from Europe but we are off to Chiang Mai for Mr Tiffin’s 50th. If there is one thing I… Read more

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Pickled Radishes

jar od sliced picked radishes with a few pickled radishes in a dish

When we had friends over for dinner recently, there was a request for ‘no onion’. That’s a fairly simple request to accommodate however there was a particular salad I wanted to make which featured red onions. I saw some radishes in the market and decided they would make a good substitute from a colour and… Read more

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four women volunteers pack parcels for the red cross to be sent to sick and wounded service men and women during world war two

So. Much. Stuff. Before we went away for 18 months in 2009, I put a rule in place in our house. ‘For every thing you bring in, you need to take a thing out’. It was part of a strategy to reduce the excess ‘things’ we owned. It worked pretty well and helped to make… Read more

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Never Fail Batter Cake

slice of blueberry and rapebrry batter cake dusted with icing sugar

Last week I had a baking failure. In fact, I had two of them. I decided to add something to my repertoire so I tried a couple of new recipes. An apricot slice and some fruit biscuits. They were horrible. The slice was heavy and not sweet enough. The biscuits were doughy. Despite large amounts of… Read more

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traffic signal box painted with snail carrying mail in a satchel on its shell

Brisbane is a great walking city. There are plenty of pedestrian zones and bridges, parklands and river walks. At some point though, you’ll need to cross at a traffic light. While you’re waiting, make sure you take a closer look at the traffic signal box. Chances are, it’s a mini masterpiece. Drive Through Art Gallery… Read more

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Funnel of the Star Ferry, Hong Kong

There are millions of Hong Kong Stories. This is one of them…. Hong Kong is a sprawling, modern metropolis with a population of over 7 million. It has a fantastic rapid transit system to shuttle people all over the territory that’s clean, cheap and efficient and but is also a little vanilla Thankfully, despite itself… Read more

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