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In My Kitchen… February 2019

three green platic tupperware containers with yello starburst motif sit stacked on a bench

Bang! February is here. After a lovely six months off work, where we went on three different holidays (Europe, Thailand, Tasmania), I have started a new contract with the Qld Government. This means being super organised for lunches and dinners, rather than just wandering around the house and deciding on a whim, what to cook… Read more

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sourdough crackers on a board with cheese relish and a knife

When you own a sourdough starter or ‘levain’, you draw off some starter each week to make a new loaf. After this, you feed the original starter with flour and water and put it back to bed in the fridge. The trouble is, I don’t always want or have the time to bake a loaf… Read more

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wooden sign in front of fountain outside lila thai massage chiang mai

If you are looking to wind down after a busy day of sightseeing, a massage is ideal and believe me, there’s a Chiang Mai massage centre on every corner. So many in fact, that it’s hard to choose one. Might I suggest a massage from a former female prisoner? Now that I’ve piqued your interest… Read more

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Woman sitting on each applying makeup to her face with a compact

My days of extravagant eyeshadow, bold blusher and blue mascara are firmly in the rear-view mirror. There is still the odd occasion though, when I like to splash on a bit of war paint. Until now, I have removed my makeup with makeup remover and the standard cotton pads available in any supermarket. Last weekend… Read more

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In My Kitchen… January 2019

six bottle corks piled on table

Happy New Year. I have just come back from 12 days in Tasmania. Lovely weather, amazing scenery and what a food scene! We must have eaten our body weight in cheese and cider. The Taste of Tasmania festival was on in Hobart over the Christmas/New Year period and of course, we visited. Most of our… Read more

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Atelier for Lunch

A plan had been made to visit Brisbane mainstay Montrachet, in its new digs in Bowen Hills. Unfortunately, we had not banked on it being so busy in the lead up to Christmas, and couldn’t get a booking. This is how we found ourselves at Atelier for a Friday lunch. Atelier is a newish opening… Read more

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Amaretti Biscuits for Christmas

tray of amaretti biscuits with almonds and amaretto liqueur in the background

It’s a very low key Christmas at Tiffin HQ. Some of this is because we have been travelling quite a lot and some of this is because we have chosen to simplify our approach to Christmas. We are aiming for quality, not quantity. We still enjoy delicious Christmas foods and sharing home made gifts, which is… Read more

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