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Coconut Curry & Lentil Soup – Recipe in a Jar

I wanted to give a birthday present to a friend who is very much into reducing her footprint and zero waste. I decided to have a go at a making a recipe in a jar. Something that could be cooked with little effort, one evening after work. Simply add oil and water and you’re done… Read more

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Home Exchange – 5 Tips to Get You Started

If you’ve been reading Tiffin for any length of time, you will know that Mr Tiffin and I do home exchanges. This is where you go on holidays and stay in another person’s house, whilst they stay in yours. You can also agree to a non simultaneous exchange. We’ve had some absolutely amazing holidays, all… Read more

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Responsible Gift Giving – Reduce Your Footprint

This back end of the year is crowded with birthdays and Christmas. For many years, I have asked people not to give me gifts. If people insist, I ask them to donate what they would have spent, to the Leukemia Foundation. It’s the ultimate responsible gift giving. I understand though, that there are plenty people… Read more

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Never Fail Batter Cake

Last week I had a baking failure. In fact, I had two of them. I decided to add something to my repertoire so I tried a couple of new recipes. An apricot slice and some fruit biscuits. They were horrible. The slice was heavy and not sweet enough. The biscuits were doughy. Despite large amounts of… Read more

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Tamari Spiced Nuts

There’s no two ways about it. It’s December and the festive season is upon us. Suddenly you are going out to drinks on a Sunday afternoon, a Monday night and Wednesday lunch. It’s perfectly Ok to have 45 minute coffee catch ups with long lost colleagues and eat your weight in rum balls. Routines are… Read more

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Mango Lassi Ice Blocks – Summer Ice Block Adventures

It’s mango season! The first mangoes have started making their way down from the Northern Territory and are surprisingly cheap, so early in the season. Mangoes from the NT are smaller than the bigger Kensington Pride (Bowen) mangoes that are just on the horizon. They are the perfect size for a snack for one. Mangoes… Read more

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Blu Art Xinja – Hidden Brisbane

As I was looking out of my office window, I noticed a curl of blue smoke coming out of one of the small chimneys across the road at Central Station. It piqued my interest as I thought it unlikely that in these rules driven, workplace health and safety times that the building would have any working… Read more

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Pickled Broccoli Stalks – Waste Not Want Not

I have previously written about Mr Tiffin’s adoration of broccoli and the mounds that are eaten in our house every week. To deal with the excess stalks, I shared a clever idea for making a thrifty Broccoli Soup from stalks straight out of the freezer. With the weather warming up though, I decided I needed a… Read more

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Potato Salad – Tastes of Wide Bay-Burnett

As you drive along the highway from Brisbane into the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland, the rural sprawl gives way to small communities and farmland. Pineapple plantations and cane fields line the road and as you creep closer to Bundaberg, the soil colour changes from brown to rich red. That fertile volcanic soil means the region is a… Read more

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Caramel Fig & Pear Loaf – Bookmarked Recipes

The original recipe that this Caramel Fig & Pear Loaf is based on had been bookmarked for years but I never seemed to have the time, ingredients or inclination to get it made. It’s physically bookmarked with a little tab of paper that pre-dates virtual bookmarking. My ‘to review’ board on Pinterest tells a similar story, as… Read more

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I was in Sydney last weekend for a little bit of R&R before attending a conference. There was plenty of eating and drinking but also a lot of walking. Though I visit Sydney regularly and know it very well, I constantly need to remind myself how big the CBD is and how far it stretches. Anyone… Read more

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Every year, our circle of friends embraces the celebration of all that is unique, unusual and just a little bit kitsch. Of course, I’m talking about Eurovision and this year we witnessed some new milestones in our celebrations. First and foremost, Australia was invited to compete in the Eurovision extravaganza. None of this wild card… Read more

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In My Kitchen… May 2016

Last month I said that autumn had arrived. It did arrive and it has since departed however, we are back to summer rather than winter. May is the last month of autumn and all across Australia, temperatures remain as hot as they were during summer. We had little rain over the summer (traditionally when we… Read more

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Breakfast in Fes Medina, Morocco

Most people have heard of the riads in Morocco. Traditional guest houses where the rooms all face onto an open central courtyard, open to the sky. Riads face inwards to provide privacy to those in the house, with small gardens and soothing fountains offering peaceful respite from the hubbub of the world outside the door. A… Read more

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At A Blogging Crossroad

If you are reading this post, chances are that you’re a subscriber or have visited via social media. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting. The reality is, whilst I love to write and share my stories, recipes and reviews with you, the bulk of my traffic comes via the unreliable and erratic world of… Read more

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Good Friday is the last Friday in Lent, when Catholics abstain from eating meat. Many non Catholics also follow this tradition, if only for Good Friday. Once upon a time, the idea of entertaining without meat would have been unthinkable. These days, with many who eat less or no meat and, the whole of the globe… Read more

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A Field Guide To Public Transport In Brisbane

Brisbane is a compact city, easily navigable by foot but sometimes those feet are tired. Thankfully, we have a great Brisbane public transport network that will take you to many of the attractions, events and destinations you want to see. Like most public transport, it can be confusing. Trains, buses and ferries are operated by the Brisbane City Council… Read more

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