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I have been writing for a while about reducing waste and re-purposing food scraps and left overs into other meals and snacks. The amount of food waste in the world is really staggering. There is plenty of research and column inches written about it yet it seems to continue unabated. Whether it’s people buying too… Read more

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In My Kitchen… September 2015

Spring has sprung and it’s about time! Whilst it hasn’t been a very cold winter in Brisbane, we had two extra chilly weeks to make up for the rest of the season and they was quite enough thanks very much. As things warm up, salads have already started appearing on the menu and will be… Read more

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Apple Scrap Jelly Recipe – Waste Not, Want Not

A while ago we visited Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt. In addition to being Queensland’s premiere wine growing region, the cool climate means the area is also well known for fruit growing and in particular, apples. We returned to Brisbane with a mixed case of local apples. Apart from eating the apples as is, one… Read more

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5 Ingredient Apple Crumble In 30 Minutes

What do you do when you visit Stanthorpe and buy half a case of apples? You eat a lot of apples. A lot. They are in your lunch box. They are an afternoon snack. They are morning tea. They are in fruit salad. They make their way onto the cheese plate. They are sitting in… Read more

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This month, ‘The Choice is Yours’, Dom from Belleau Kitchen suggests.  He’s asked us to ‘go back to the very beginning’ when Random Recipes first started.  Recipe selection in the first RR challenge was simplicity itself ‘pick & point’.  As I didn’t participate in the early RRs, this is a chance to go back to… Read more

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Bengal Apple Chutney

I don’t make jam but I do make Chutney, which is very in keeping with the TIFFIN theme. I do use recipes but have also been known to whip up a batch of whatever I have to hand and just make it up as I go along. You can’t go far wrong as long as… Read more

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